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Ask Dom Ask Dom! Got a question about a forthcoming movie on Blu-ray and DVD – want to know when it’s out? Will it be uncut?

How about videogames? Is it due out on your console or handheld of choice?

For music – when is something released on CD, or is it download-only. Might it even be coming out on vinyl?

Ask Dom!

If something is available to pre-order, I’ll also reply with the Amazon link to order it. If you choose to do so, please do it via that link as it helps this website, and you’ll have my undying love…

NOTE 1: I’m getting a lot of bot spam at the moment, so if the Captcha doesn’t work, please send the email to: dom at dvdfever – a company in the UK, if you get my drift.

NOTE 2: I used to get asked a lot about the fact there was no Blu-ray or DVD releases of Walk Like A Panther or Queen of Katwe, but they can be streamed at the links below:

Walk Like A Pantherdownload link
Queen of Katwedownload link

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