New DVD Blu-ray 3D and 4K releases UK (May to July 2022)

New DVD Blu-ray 3D and 4K releases New DVD Blu-ray 3D and 4K releases UK from now until the end of time…. well, the UK DVD releases for 2020, and of course, with Blu-rays in 2D, 3D and 4K!

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    Downton Abbey: A New Era (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Downton Abbey / Downton Abbey: A New Era (DVD)
    Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD)
    Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (4K Blu-ray Steelbook)
    Malory Towers Series 3 (DVD)
    Midwich Cuckoos (Keeley Hawes) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    No Man of God (Blu-ray)
    The Bad Guys (2022) (DVD)
    The Beatles: Get Back: Blu-ray Collector’s Set (Blu-ray)

May 2nd:

    Chucky Season 1 Good Guys Edition (Blu-ray)
    Chucky Season 1 (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Constantine: The House of Mystery (Blu-ray)
    Disney’s Turning Red (4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD)
    Guy Martin: Guy’s Garage (DVD)
    Hidden Series 3 (DVD)
    Innocents In Paris (Vintage Classics) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Jackass 5 Movie Collection (DVD)
    Jackass Forever (Blu-ray and DVD)
    My Brilliant Friend Series 3 (DVD)
    NCIS: New Orleans Season 7 (DVD)
    She-ra Princess of Power: The Complete Series (DVD)
    Smokin’ Aces (4K Blu-ray)
    Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Box Set (Episodes 1-3) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Star Wars Original Trilogy Box Set (Episodes 4-6) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Box Set (Episodes 7-9) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Bezonians (Vinnie Jones) (DVD)
    The Boy Behind the Door (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Sanctity of Space (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Wicker Man Limited Edition (Blu-ray)
    The Wrong Arm of the Law (Vintage Classics) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Twentynine Palms (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray)
    Wonder Egg Priority Limited Edition (Blu-ray)

May 9th:

    Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection Vol.2 (Saboteur, Shadow of A Doubt, The Trouble With Harry, Marnie, Family Plot) (4K Blu-ray)
    Elvis Presley 7-film Collection (Jailhouse Rock, Viva Las Vegas, Girl Happy, Spinout, That’s The Way It Is, Elvis On Tour, This is Elvis) (DVD)
    Gazza (BBC documentary) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Grantchester Series 7 (DVD)
    Hudson and Rex Season 4 (DVD)
    Johnny Mnemonic (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray)
    Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven in the Stars (Blu-ray)
    Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Seasons 1-3 (DVD)
    Peaky Blinders Complete Collection (Amazon Exclusive – includes Exclusive double-sided Artcards) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Peaky Blinders Complete Collection (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Peaky Blinders Series 6 (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Round Midnight (1986) (Criterion Collection) (Blu-ray)
    The Funeral (Osôshiki) (Criterion Collection) (Blu-ray)
    The Planet 4K UHD Collection (Planet Earth II, Blue Planet II, Seven Worlds One Planet, A Perfect Planet, The Green Planet) (4K Blu-ray)
    Uncharted 4K Steelbook (4K Blu-ray)
    Uncharted (4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD)

May 16th:

    Beverly Hills Cop II (4K Blu-ray)
    Dog (Channing Tatum) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Fire Sale (Blu-ray/DVD combo)
    Girls Nite Out (Blu-ray)
    Girls Und Panzer Das Finale 2 (Blu-ray)
    Half a Loaf of Kung Fu (Blu-ray)
    Hero (1997) (Blu-ray)
    Human Lanterns (Blu-ray)
    Marry Me (Blu-ray and DVD)
    One Piece: Collection #26 (Episodes: 615-641) (DVD)
    Onoda: 10,000 Nights in the Jungle (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Parallel Mothers (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Paris, 13th District (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Pirates (Reggie Yates) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Revovler (Blu-ray)
    River (Willem Dafoe) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Seraph of the End – Complete Season 1 (Collector’s Limited Edition Box Set) (Blu-ray)
    Simply Raymond Blanc Series 2 (DVD)
    Succession Season 3 (DVD)
    Succession Seasons 1-3 (DVD)
    That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Season 2 Part 1 (Blu-ray)
    The Battle at Lake Changjin (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Good Fight Season 5 (DVD)
    The Last Kingdom Season 5 (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Last Kingdom Seasons 1-5 (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Men (Marlon Brando) (Blu-ray/DVD combo)
    The Police: Around The World [Live From Around The World, 1980 – 2 Disc Set – DVD/CD]
    The Sister Boniface Mysteries Series 1 (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Split Series 3 (DVD)
    The Split Series 1-3 (DVD)
    Too Beautiful To Die (4K Transfer) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Violent City (Blu-ray)
    Wyrmwood: Apocalypse (Blu-ray and DVD)

May 23rd:

    A Day To Die (Bruce Willis) (DVD)
    Around the World in 80 Days (2022) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Candyman Limited Edition (1992) (4K Blu-ray)
    Cat’s Eye Special Edition (4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD)
    Connecting Rooms (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray)
    Deadline (Channel 5 drama) (DVD)
    Doctor Who: Eve of the Daleks / Legend of the Sea Devils (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Heroic Legend of Arslan (Collector’s Limited Edition) (Blu-ray)
    I Am A Camera (Vintage Classics) (Blu-ray)
    Is The Order A Rabbit? Season 3: Bloom (Blu-ray)
    Malignant (4K Blu-ray)
    Malory Towers Series 2 (DVD)
    Martin Clunes: Islands of the Pacific (DVD)
    Murphy’s War (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray)
    Patriot Games (4K Blu-ray)
    Rolling Thunder (Blu-ray)
    The Blood of Fu Manchu (Blu-ray)
    The Brides of Fu Manchu (Blu-ray)
    The Castle of Fu Manchu (Blu-ray)
    The Face of Fu Manchu (Blu-ray)
    The Pemini Organisation (1972-1974) (UK Limited Edition) (Blu-ray)
    The Sum Of All Fears (4K Blu-ray)
    The Vengeance of Fu Manchu (Blu-ray)
    Wild Things Limited Edition (4K Blu-ray)
    Wild Things Limited Edition (Blu-ray)
    We’re All Going To The World’s Fair (Blu-ray)

May 30th:

    Chivalry (Steve Coogan) (DVD)
    Double Indemnity (Criterion Collection) (Blu-ray)
    Drive Limited Edition (4K Blu-ray Boxset)
    Drive (4K Blu-ray and Blu-ray)
    Hinamatsuri: The Complete Series Limited Edition (Blu-ray)
    Hinamatsuri: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
    Jujutsu Kaisen Part 1 (Blu-ray)
    Lancaster (Blu-ray)
    Le Peau douce (Blu-ray)
    Licorice Pizza (Blu-ray)
    Luminous Procuress (Blu-ray)
    Lux Aeterna (Blu-ray)
    My-HiME (Blu-ray)
    Romper Stomper: Deluxe Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray)
    Spitfire Over Berlin (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Stone (Vincent Gil) (Blu-ray)
    The Cane Field Killings (DVD)
    The Dark Knight Rises Ultimate Collector’s Edition Steelbook (4K Blu-ray)
    The Last Metro (Blu-ray)
    Vampyr (Masters of Cinema) Limited Edition Box Set [3000 copies] (Blu-ray)
    Venus Versus Virus Collection (DVD)
    Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead & Apocalypse (Blu-ray and DVD)

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