New DVD Blu-ray 3D and 4K releases UK (May to October 2024)

New DVD Blu-ray 3D and 4K releases UK New DVD Blu-ray 3D and 4K releases UK from now until the end of time…. well, the UK DVD releases, and of course, with Blu-rays in 2D, 3D and 4K!

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New DVD Blu-ray 3D and 4K releases UK

Taylor Swift: The Tortured Poets Department out now on Double Vinyl and CD.

Forthcoming TBA:

    Abigail (4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD)
    Back To Black 4k Steelbook (4K Blu-ray)
    Back To Black (4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD)
    Challengers (4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD)
    Doctor Who: The Collection Season 22 (Blu-ray)
    Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire (4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD)
    Kung Fu Panda 4 (4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD)
    Love Lies Bleeding (4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD)
    Monkey Man (4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD)
    North By Northwest Ultimate Collector’s Edition with 4K Steelbook (4K Blu-ray)
    Se7en Ultimate Collector’s Edition with 4K Steelbook (4K Blu-ray)
    Se7en: What’s In The Box?! Special Edition with 4K Steelbook (4K Blu-ray)
    Tarot (4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Fall Guy (4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD)

May 6th:

    Backbeat (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Bad CGI Gator (Blu-ray)
    Dogfight Criterion Collection (Blu-ray)
    L’amour fou (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray)
    Mansion Of The Doomed Limited Edition (Blu-ray)
    Migration (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Night Swim (4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD)
    Peter Gabriel: Back To Front (4K Blu-ray)
    Queen: Rock Montreal And Live Aid (4K Blu-ray and Blu-ray)
    The Crow (Blu-ray)
    The Iron Claw (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Great Pretender Case 3 And 4 (Blu-ray)
    The Promised Land (Mads Mikkelsen) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie (Blu-ray)
    Too Much Sleep (Blu-ray)

May 13th:

    American Sniper 10th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition with Steelbook (4K Blu-ray)
    American Sniper (4K Blu-ray)
    Arthur’s Whisky (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation (Blu-ray)
    Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker (4K Blu-ray)
    Fate Apocrypha Collection (Blu-ray)
    Flowers Of Evil (Blu-ray)
    Food Wars Season 1 (Blu-ray)
    Footloose (4K Blu-ray)
    Harry Wild Series 2 (DVD)
    Harry Wild Series 1 and 2 (DVD)
    Hidden City (1987) (Blu-ray)
    Kill Bill Vol.1 (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Kill Bill Vol.2 (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Lawmen: Bass Reeves Season 1 (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Once Upon a Time in the West 55th Anniversary 4K Collector’s Edition [Region A & B & C] (4K Blu-ray)
    Passage To Marseille (Blu-ray)
    Santa Fe Trail (Blu-ray)
    The Ballad Of The Sad Cafe (Blu-ray)
    The Dreamers (4K Blu-ray)
    The Last Kumite 4K & Blu-Ray Limited Edition Steelbook (4K Blu-ray)
    The Last Kumite Limited Edition (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Settlers (Blu-ray and DVD)
    This Town (BBC Series) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Wicked Little Letters (Blu-ray and DVD)

May 20th:

    13 Frightened Girls (Blu-ray)
    A Soldier’s Story (Blu-ray)
    Billy Connolly: Big Banana Feet (Blu-ray)
    Black Pit Of Dr M (Blu-ray)
    Britannia Hospital (Blu-ray)
    Count Dracula (1970) (4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD)
    Dazed and Confused (Criterion Collection) (4K Blu-ray)
    Fearless Hyena 2 (Blu-ray)
    Frasier Reboot Season 1 (DVD)
    Future Boy Conan Part 1 (4K Blu-ray)
    Hannie Caulder (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Hoffman (Blu-ray)
    Invincible (Blu-ray)
    Jack The Ripper (1988) (Blu-ray)
    Makoto Shinkai Anthology Limited Edition Box Set (Blu-ray)
    May December (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Muzzle (DVD)
    Parasyte: The Maxim Boxset (Blu-ray)
    Patlabor Film 2 (Blu-ray)
    Raging Bull Criterion Collection (4K Blu-ray)
    Secret Friends (Blu-ray)
    Shirobako Boxset (Blu-ray)
    Source Code (4K Blu-ray)
    Strait-Jacket (Blu-ray)
    The Body Stealers (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Brainiac (Blu-ray)
    The Colour Room (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Curse Of The Crying Woman (Blu-ray)
    The Falcon And The Winter Soldier 4K Steelbook (4K Blu-ray)
    The Goldfinger (2023) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Long Arm of the Law /The Long Arm of the Law 2 Standard Edition (Blu-ray)
    The Old Dark House (Blu-ray)
    The Witch’s Mirror (Blu-ray)
    The World At War: The Complete Series (Restored) (Blu-ray)
    Zotz! (Blu-ray)

May 27th:

    A Queen’s Ransom (aka International Assassin) (E tan qun ying hui) Special Edition (Blu-ray)
    CJ7 (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Cabrini (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Columbia Noir 6 Limited Edition (The Whistler, 1944; The Mark Of The Whistler, 1944; The Power Of The Whistler, 1945; Voice Of The Whistler, 1945; Mysterious Intruder, 1946; The Secret Of The Whistler, 1946; The Thirteenth Hour, 1947), The Return Of The Whistler, 1948) (Blu-ray)
    Fist Of Legend (4K Blu-ray and Blu-ray)
    Hunt Her Kill Her (Blu-ray)
    Madame Web 4K Steelbook (4K Blu-ray)
    Madame Web (4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD)
    Malum (Blu-ray)
    Passenger Series 1 (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Planet Of The Vampires Limited Edition (Blu-ray)
    Prison Walls: Abashiri Prison I-III Special Edition (Blu-ray)
    Shinobi: Band of Assassins / Revenge / Resurrection (Limited Edition) [Region A & B] (Blu-ray)
    Shout at the Devil (88 VAULT #13) (Blu-ray)
    Star Trek III: The Search For Spock 4K Amazon Exclusive Steelbook (Includes Poster and Booklet) (4K Blu-ray)
    Star Trek III: The Search For Spock 4K Steelbook (4K Blu-ray)
    The Valiant Ones (Zhong lie tu) Special Edition (4K Blu-ray)
    The Valiant Ones (Zhong lie tu) Special Edition (Blu-ray)
    Train To Busan (4K Blu-ray)
    Train To Busan Presents: Peninsula (4K Blu-ray)
    Trenque Lauquen (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray)
    William Shatner: You Can Call Me Bill (Blu-ray)

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