Heavy Rain on PC – The DVDfever Review

Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain is a game which came out during the PS3 generation, in 2010, and which rather passed me by at the time as story-based games weren’t really quite my bag. However, I later played Quantic Dream’s Beyond Two Souls on PS3 and loved it. It got some poor reviews by some press, but that was only from so-called reviewers who either didn’t understand it, or didn’t care to, and so just gave it 2/5 and moved on.

In this review, I will mention some of the issues I’ve had with it, but what I must state upfront is that it has a very affecting storyline, and you’ll control a number of different characters as you progress, at first seemingly feeling like they all have their own separate storylines, but their paths will cross as time goes on.

Jesy Nelson: Odd One Out – The DVDfever Review – BBC Three

Jesy Nelson: Odd One Out Jesy Nelson: Odd One Out tells of the pop star’s time from 2011 onwards when she was put into the band Little Mix on X-Factor.

All four of them were told they HAD to have social media accounts, and while it can be used for good, she soon discovered “everyone had an opinion on me” and she was bombarded with a ton of ‘hate mail’ but in the form of tweets, which have severely affected her, and how these comments have stuck with her, such as “You’re fat, and you look like a chipmunk”. But she shouldn’t let them.

Top Boy Season 1 (2019) – The DVDfever Review

Top Boy Series 3 Top Boy Season 1 is here. It’s finally happened! Well, it’s technically Series 3, but Netflix have rebooted the series and labelled the original two series as Top Boy: Summerhouse.

Either way, it’s taken the might of Netflix and rapper Drake to bring this about, after Channel 4 dumped it after series 2 in 2013. It was one hell of a strong drama, and certainly had legs for a potential third series – and perhaps more to follow? Time will tell once the ratings for this new season are in, since while the first series on Channel 4, in late 2011, was shown daily over four nights, the second series was a weekly affair. Both series ran for four episodes each.

Like A Boss – Trailer 1 – Tiffany Haddish

Like A Boss Like A Boss shows it’s an easy contender for the crown of “Worst film of 2020” as Tiffany Haddish continues to steal a living as “overacting black female character who shouts ‘Girrrrrrl!’ and ‘Hel-lo!”, this time going into business with Rose Byrne (X-Men Apocalypse), and running a beauty company which is funded by Salma Hayek, despite the pair of them being financially negligent and… well, you don’t really care about the plot, do you, since it doesn’t really have much of one.

The film is best avoided, which is why it’s stuck in the dumping ground for crap films, as it’s out in January in the US, and the month after over here.

Like A Boss is released in the UK on February 7th 2020.

Director: Miguel Arteta
Writers: Adam Cole-Kelly, Sam Pitman
Also stars: Jennifer Coolidge, Ari Graynor, Billy Porter, Karan Soni

Check out the trailer below:

Double Date on Blu-ray – The DVDfever Review – British horror comedy

Double Date
Double Date is a British horror comedy which came out for a limited cinema run in October 2017, but I’m so glad that it’s finally got a Blu-ray and DVD release for reasons I shall explain below.

It centres around two women on dates with a difference – they’re homicidal murderers. Yes, if you’ve ever wondered why you didn’t get a second date with a woman – Did she not fancy you? Did you wear the wrong shoes? Is she not impressed by your Xbox Gamertag score? …well, with these two, it’s usually because you’re no longer breathing.

Stockport Council – The worst council in the world… ever?

Stockport Council Stockport Council are useless at the best of times, such as when they take areas of grass which soak up the rain, and replace them with pavement, so the water can’t go anywhere natural, and should normally go down the grids in the roads, but read on…

And now they clearly don’t care about anyone with a disability, since a vital pathway, by the railway in Edgeley – not far from the Stockport County football ground, has been unavailable to many residents for several weeks, unless you’re able-bodied and wishing to walk through with wellies, or don’t mind having wet feet all day.

Downton Abbey 2019 leads the new cinema releases September 13th 2019

Downton Abbey 2019This week, there are FOUR new films out for you to choose from, led by Downton Abbey 2019. Here are the titles, with more info below:

    Downton Abbey 2019
    Night Hunter

Namco Museum Mini Player – 10″ of Arcade fun for Christmas!

Namco Museum Mini Player
Namco Museum Mini Player is bringing you 10″ of Arcade fun for Christmas, and it’s shaping up to be the one thing I’ve been looking for in official arcade fun in the home for some time.

The Fight – The DVDfever Review – Jessica Hynes

The Fight
The Fight is the directorial debut of Jessica Hynes (Shaun of the Dead, Spaced, Years And Years).

She also takes the lead as Tina, a mother whose life is in turmoil her daughter, Emma (Sennia Nanua), is being bullied at school, she and husband Mick (Shaun Parkes) are trying to pay the bills by working all hours, and her parents (Anita Dobson and Christopher Fairbank) want to split up, but as Anita sang for the Eastenders’ theme, “Anyone can fall in love, but you must make the love last forever…”

Long Shot on Blu-ray – The DVDfever Review – Charlize Theron

Long Shot
Long Shot looks like the kind of comedy I’ve seen a zillion times, but I’d heard good things about it, even though 125 minutes does seem way too long for comedy. About 100 minutes should be the max.

In this, Seth Rogen (50/50) plays himself, but here, as Fred Flarsky, a journalist who’s about to find himself in need of new employment. Elsewhere, Charlotte Field (Charlize TheronAtomic Blonde) is the youngest female Secretary of State under US President Chambers (Bob Odenkirk), and like the real-life Ukraine President, Chambers is an actor, but this one was just a TV actor who wants to get into films. He also has some Trump-like opinions, which shows some of the quality of the writing right there(!)


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