The Nun (2018) on Blu-ray – The DVDfever Review

The Nun
The Nun is set both before the Conjuring movies (which I have seen) and the Annabelle movies (which I haven’t), but as every continuation of strangely successful movies comes along, they’re always prequels so that’ll make them more accessible to everyone who hasn’t been around since the first, even though I can see some elements of Conjuring in there – not least the inclusion of the Warrens (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) with the latter’s sister, Taissa Farmiga (above), playing young novitiate Sister Irene, making the audience think “OOH! They found someone who looks like her!”

LucidSound LS41 Wireless Surround Gaming Headset announced

LucidSound LS41 is the latest Wireless Surround Headset, giving a premium surround sound in a multi-format headset and is a new flagship model for the Company.

LucidSound is the fastest growing gaming headset brand, and this new headset is released through Amazon and other leading gaming retailers, giving wireless audio when used with the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and other mobile devices via the 3.5mm wired connection.

Spider-Man: Far From Home – Teaser & International Trailers – Tom Holland

Spider-Man: Far From Home
Spider-Man: Far From Home shows that whoever survives a bashing from Thanos when Avengers: Endgame is released, it’s definitely going to be the web-slinger.

Onimusha Warlords on PS4 – The DVDfever Review

Onimusha Warlords Onimusha Warlords resurrects the 2001 Playstation 2 hit which somehow passed me by, and while I know there’s a series of games based around this, I’ll just stick to talking about this one for this title, which follows in the fasion of remastering old titles with a new lick of paint, similar to 2017’s Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and 2018’s Shenmue I & II.

Princess Yuki has been kidnapped and you, as samurai swordsman Samanosuke, must find her whilst battling all sorts of demons along the way, generally with a hack-hack-slash method, repetitively. While that sort of thing, personally, is why I never got into modern games like Dark Souls, what I do love about the style with Onimusha Warlords is that it’s accompanied by the sometimes-difficult-to-work-out-where-you-are fixed camera angles which I remember from the very early Resident Evil games

Deadline tomorrow!! Everything you’ve ever posted on Facebook becomes public from tomorrow!! – NOT!!!

Deadline today Deadline tomorrow? Pardon? Yes, it’s time for idiots to panic once again as a Facebook hoax from 2012 does the rounds once again.

The following is what a lot of people have been led to think they should post which would stop Mark Zuckerberg’s company from making all their posts public. Fact is, they WON’T go public, unless someone managed to hack in and knew which parts of their code to change.

Distorted – The DVDfever Review – John Cusack, Christina Ricci

Distorted is one of those films with lots of weird stuff going on to the point where as soon as the film begins, Lauren (Christina Ricci) is a gibbering wreck for reasons not yet explained, and which I won’t spoil as it’s a good while before that happens.

I was almost the same since in a bid to make her feel safe, husband Russell (Brendan Fletcher) suggests they move into a new, modern building full of CCTV – a bit like Sliver but without the sexy parties. However, as they approached it and Russell exclaimed, “Wow, look at this place”, I knew he wasn’t looking at anything since their car could not have been more obvious in being static and in front of a green screen, and as they arrived at the new building, the new abode looks more like it was drawn in Microsoft Paint (see below).

Backtrace on DVD – The DVDfever Review – Sylvester Stallone

Backtrace opens with a deal going sour over money, and idiots pulling guns on each other.

Every now and again, I lower my expectations distinctly for straight-to-DVD release like this. Backtrace. They’re not aiming for a Hollywood budget, and thus, can sometimes recoup their costs and even spawn sequels like my worst movie of 2018, Escape Plan 2: Hades… also with Sylvester Stallone.

However, I go into each movie with an open mind and a hope that things will improve.

The Best and Worst of 2018 in Movies and Videogames!

The Best and Worst of 2018 in Movies and Videogames A new year brings a look back at the previous year’s releases and everything we watched at the cinema or on Blu-ray at home, plus all those computer and console delights in The Best and Worst of 2018 in Movies and Videogames!

All scores are out of 10, with some Blu-ray and DVD releases being a film-only review. I also have online vlogs for my Top 10 Best and Worst Movies of 2016 so will post those below.

Velvet Buzzsaw – Trailer 1 – Jake Gyllenhaal

Velvet Buzzsaw Velvet Buzzsaw looks to me like Netflix has knocked it out of the park again, as it teams up Nightcrawler (one of the best films of its year) with its effervescent star Jake Gyllenhaal, with his co-star, Rene Russo (also Freejack) and its writer/director Dan Gilroy (Kong: Skull Island as well as the awesome Freejack).

A series of paintings by an unknown artist are discovered, and after Zawe Ashton (Guerilla) takes the credit, a supernatural force enacts revenge on those who have allowed their greed to get in the way of art.

This looks ace and I can’t wait to see it!

Hotel Mumbai – Trailer 1 – Armie Hammer

Hotel Mumbai
Hotel Mumbai takes a true-life terrorist attack and turns it into ‘Hotel Has Fallen’ with crap dialogue such as when the staff are told it’s okay if they go home to their familes, and one replies, “I’ve been here 35 years. THIS is my home”. Oh dear…

But as per the billing: A gripping true story of humanity and heroism, Hotel Mumbai vividly recounts the 2008 siege of the famed Taj Hotel by a group of terrorists. Among the dedicated hotel staff is the renowned chef Hemant Oberoi (Anupam Kher) and a waiter (Dev PatelThe Last Airbender), who choose to risk their lives to protect their guests. As the world watches on, a desperate couple (Armie HammerCall Me By Your Name, and Nazanin BoniadiBen Hur 2016) is forced to make unthinkable sacrifices to protect their newborn child.


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