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Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition

Bulletstorm first came out at the start of 2011 on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. I recall playing it back when it was released and thinking it was a really enjoyable game that ended a little early. Being aware that they probably wouldn’t add any extra single-player to the game, I was unsure how I was going to feel about this remastered edition. Nowadays, you are never too sure about which games are going to receive a remaster and which games won’t, but it is a surprise that Bulletstorm has.
People love Call of Duty and Battlefield, but this is not at all like either of these. Originally, Bulletstorm flopped in the market, mainly because people didn’t really want what it had to offer. Saying that, for me, the game was a great experience and something most people would actually like.

As usual, the remastered game gives you all the extras that were ever added to the game. This version also includes the Echoes and Anarchy modes. What is noticeable is that, other than that, the game doesn’t have any extra new add-ons, apart from the Overkill mode which I will talk about later. For some people, the full retail price – with no real extras – may be a little too off-putting. For an extra fiver, you can purchase the Duke Nukem mode. Basically, your character becomes Duke Nukem and all the dialogue changes to typical Duke style.

The story follows the main character (Grayson Hunt, or Duke Nukem) and his mission for revenge. Grayson enjoys a lot of things, mostly being drunk and making shocking decisions (DVDfever Dom adds: A bit like me on a night out in Manchester!).

As stories go, Bulletstorm hasn’t got one of the best stories about, nor has it got one of the worst. Something it does boost, however, is a really comedic nature (as well as very strong language). I was impressed that the game gives you an option to turn that off, as well as the gore. Of course I didn’t change those settings, because I am a man, although, I did wonder what that would do to the age rating.

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As I have mentioned, the game is full of humour and throughout the story you will find yourself laughing a number of times. You’ll also be cringing since some of the jokes are a little too much. Bearing in mind, Epic Games decided to make this title because a lot of people were complaining about the Gears of War series getting a little too serious. I am sure a few people will complain that Bulletstorm is a little too crass and distasteful. Telling indeed, that I find it quite funny and only sometimes slightly irritating when I feel they over-told the same old joke. The story adds to the enjoyment of the game and this is definitely one you should enjoy. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that is a breath of fresh air in itself nowadays.

Sadly, the graphics don’t quite live up to a lot of the more modern games (it would have been nice to see them in 4K on the PS4 Pro). Coming out in 2011 is one of the main reasons why the graphics don’t quite fit the grade. Saying that, when Bulletstorm was original released, it was an incredibly impressive-looking game, so at no point of playing this game was I thinking the graphics were poor. Switching on my original Xbox version, it was clear they have improved the character models as well as textures. The clear difference in colours was evident and it has to be said that this is the easily the best way to play Bulletstorm.

The soundtrack also adds to the enjoyment. The characters are well-lip-synced which didn’t haunt me with any of those Mass Effect Andromeda memories. All the their voices seem like an American high school stud with little brain cells, which I suppose is what marines actually are. Only kidding! …but you get my drift, I’m sure. Also, when you play the game as Duke, the voice acting is perfect. The dialogue is fantastic and Duke Nukem will have you cracking up with lines like “Duke Nukem, baby, remember that name for later!” What a lad!

Bulletstorm is fun-filled and full of fast action, and so is the soundtrack. It has explosive rhythms entangled with doom and gloom, throughout. What the soundtrack cleverly does is support the fun you’re having in the game. At no point do you feel overwhelmed by the sounds, nor do you feel that the soundtrack is counterproductive to what’s going on onscreen. It must be said that although the soundtrack was enjoyable, it isn’t unreal, nor is it full of songs that you will find yourself wanting to listen to outside of the game. It was put together by two experienced composers who have done more than a good enough job.

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