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Three of the Best Retro Games on Steam in 2019

Considering how many amazing games get launched each and every year, it’s easy for the classics to get swept aside in the hype that surrounds something newer and shinier. We can’t wait to fire up our novel purchase the second it arrives. We play it from start to finish, revelling in the buzz – and […]

BAFTA 2019 nominations announced!

The BAFTA 2019 Awards will take place on Sunday February 10th and will be broadcast on BBC1 that evening. The nominations are as follows and, as usual, they include a stack of films which haven’t even been released yet in the UK. Best film: BlackkKlansman The Favourite Green Book Roma A Star Is Born Dom […]

Movies that Changed Our Perceptions of Popular Game Characters

A lot has been made about the majority of games made into movies being rather bad. For the most part, these movies attempt to recreate the game characters to deliver an experience that fans will be familiar with and enjoy. But sometimes movies or games decide to use the same character or creature in a […]

Happy New Year for 2019!

Happy New Year for 2019! My Top 10 Worst Movies of 2018 are now online, below, and when it comes to Solo, I can’t be ‘alone’ in saying that one deserved a place… My Top 10 Best Movies will be online soon. Hope everyone has a fab New Year. Dom RobinsonReviewer of movies, videogames and […]

Is Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone the Big Western Comeback?

Yee-haw! The western burst onto screens with a glimpse at life in the new frontier in the early 1900s and has continued long into the 21st century. Whether it’s the classic John Wayne take, the Clint Eastwood versions, or Quentin Tarantino’s modern westerns, the genre continues to succeed by showcasing a period of time that […]

London Korean Film Festival 2018 Preview by Helen M Jerome

London Korean Film Festival 2018 Preview: It’s that time of year when the nights are drawing in and one of our favourite cinematic events is just round the corner: the London Korean Film Festival… which also goes on tour outside the capital straight after, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re near Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, […]

Top Video Games Transformed Into Movies

There is a misconception among many people that it’s only movies which can be adapted into video games. Those who think along this line assume that it’s impossible to transform a game into a movie. However, that line of thinking is not correct. While it’s indeed true that movies can be adapted into video games, […]

From the Dark Knight to Lego Legolas: The Most Iconic Games Based on Movies

From the Dark Knight to Lego Legolas: The Most Iconic Games Based on Movies Hollywood, with all its glamour and blitz, is a long-standing beacon in the entertainment industry, producing blockbusters that captivate a wide range of audiences. From action-packed dramas to epic sagas like The Lord of the Rings and its sequels, there is […]

Superhero vs Ancient Mythology Films: Which is the Strongest Trend in 2018?

Moviegoers have been wowed by films featuring superheroes for decades. Widely considered the first superhero movie, The Mark of Zorro first appeared on big screens in 1920 and was remade several times. A host of shorter length serial films followed in the 1930s and 40s featuring well-known comic characters such as Flash Gordon, Captain Marvel, […]

3 Types of Movie-Themed Slots You Should Be Playing

When it comes to choosing a theme for a slot game, there are many avenues that developers can take. Some choose from general themes, such as Atlantis, Greek mythology, or Ancient Egypt to evoke the right emotions, while others base the game around celebrities or pop culture, such as rock stars and reality TV programmes. […]

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