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The Games That Should Make it to the Movies

Seasoned movie-goers will dread the thought of going to see a movie that’s based on a popular game, given all of the flops and failures in decades past. But in recent times, game-adaptation movies have shown that they’ve learned from the mistakes of old and are of a much higher quality now. Movies like Tomb […]

What Is The Positive Impact Of Movies On Social Behaviour?

Everyone loves a good movie. A movie that is well written. Movies reveal different personalities, of people in this world. Young people have embraced movies and incorporated them in their day to day lives. They say that to see if a movie is a good watch one is supposed to be able to relate. So […]

Are These the Best Ever Games Based on Movies?

There is no doubt that some games based on great movies have been huge disappointments. However, the good news is that there have also been some terrific games based on our favourite films as well. The following are a few of the most enjoyable spin-offs that capture the mood and the excitement of the original […]

Why ‘Casino Royale’ is the Best Bond Film of All Time

Old-school Bond fans across the galaxy were doubtless enraged when one of the largest ever polls conducted on audiences’ favourite 007 movies revealed that the 2006 film Casino Royale came out on top. The full poll can be found here, but there has been no shortage of commentary from film pundits and fans explaining […]

Top Five Gambling Movies as of 2018

The gambling industry holds a certain allure that is difficult to deny. Bright lights, the unmistakable sounds of slot machines and an almost tangible sense of expectancy that you could be the next lucky person to hit that bonus and strike it rich.

Will Netflix’s Polar be a Huge Hit Like John Wick?

In its efforts to totally change the way people consume film and television, Netflix has begun to create a number of its own movies and has released them directly onto the platform. Some of these, such as the recent Bird Box, have been successful, while many others have been total flops. Polar is the next […]

Movies and Slots – a great combo!

From crude comedies like Ted, to classic dramas like Rocky, many of cinema’s biggest and best blockbusters have been made into slot games you can play online at great websites like bgo casino. Cinema and Gambling have always had a close relationship, movies love to show the glitz and glamour of the casino in great […]

Three of the Best Retro Games on Steam in 2019

Considering how many amazing games get launched each and every year, it’s easy for the classics to get swept aside in the hype that surrounds something newer and shinier. We can’t wait to fire up our novel purchase the second it arrives. We play it from start to finish, revelling in the buzz – and […]

BAFTA 2019 nominations announced!

The BAFTA 2019 Awards will take place on Sunday February 10th and will be broadcast on BBC1 that evening. The nominations are as follows and, as usual, they include a stack of films which haven’t even been released yet in the UK. Best film: BlackkKlansman The Favourite Green Book Roma A Star Is Born Dom […]

Movies that Changed Our Perceptions of Popular Game Characters

A lot has been made about the majority of games made into movies being rather bad. For the most part, these movies attempt to recreate the game characters to deliver an experience that fans will be familiar with and enjoy. But sometimes movies or games decide to use the same character or creature in a […]

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