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How Horror Movies Benefit Us

Watching movies is generally fun and entertaining. However, there are some movies that have a positive impact on us viewers. Movies like horror movies as much as they are scary they are good for us. People who tend to watch a lot of horror movies may not have realized this but it does benefit us […]

Book Of Oz – Slot Game

A tin man without a heart? Lion in desperate need of some courage? Scarecrow with no brain? This all sounds very familiar to us, and that is because it is what children from several generations have found incredibly amusing, all as a result of L. Fraum Baum’s 1900 children’s masterpiece The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz. […]

6 Asian Gambling Movies Worth Watching

6 Asian Gambling Movies Worth Watching: Gambling movies are a high octane watching experience because they bring the excitement of gambling to your living room. Hollywood isn’t the only way you can watch great films based on the gambling world; there are plenty of movies in Asia that portray it, as well. There are literally […]

The Best Casino Games on Playstation 4 and Xbox One

With the evolution of video games, gamers are becoming more and more spoilt as the variety of creations increases and the effects and graphics continue to improve. All this, and more, can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home too.

Most Unnerving Gambling Scenes In Movies

Gambling movies always prove popular with viewers because of the thrilling journeys they often provide. In fact, it probably reminds us all of those exciting moments when we sat at the blackjack table in the casino on holiday or even online at RoyalVegas casino. The best gambling movies are usually full of highs and lows, […]

Is ‘The Jesus Rolls’ Big Lebowski spin-off a good idea?

Over the years, the 1998 tongue-in-cheek ‘crime comedy’ The Big Lebowski has become something of a cult favourite. That’s despite its initial poor performance at the box office. In fact, so popular has it become that the National Film Registry now preserves the film, as selected by the Library of Congress. Given its place in […]

The Best Celebrity and TV Slots Online

If you haven’t played online slots yet, you’re seriously missing out. Slots are some of the very best casino games around today. They’re easy to play, provide lots of fun and give you the chance to win some pretty big cash prizes. At your typical online casino, there will be several hundred slots waiting to […]

Dream Job or What’s It Really Like Working as A Game Developer?

Have you ever tried to prove your parents wrong? It’s not so easy, right? They seem to know everything regardless of the situation or context! However, there is one way to show them you were right and they were wrong: become a game developer! Most parents tell their children that playing video games won’t make […]

Best Online Slots Inspired by Films and TV Series

Since the onset of online gambling, the casino and television industries have crafted an interdependence that has driven each to higher heights of success. Casinos have long  used television networks as marketing tools for their indulgences while TV hits have made several appearances in casino floors and portfolios. In this piece, we look into some […]

Stranger Things 3 Breaks All Netflix Records

Just when you thought that Netflix couldn’t get any bigger, along came the third season of the hit show, Stranger Things. Breaking all previous viewing records, Netflix has confirmed that 40.7 million household accounts watched the show in the first four days since it launched globally on Thursday, July 4th. That is more than any […]

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