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Syberia 3

When it comes to graphics, Syberia 3 reminds me more like a PS3 game rather than PS4. With the Broken Sword series, developers were clever in using a cartoon style. Here, realism sits at the heart of the series. Facially, Kate Walker looks quite good until you see all the glitchy white lines appear in every corner of your screen. In addition, she very much resembles Lara Croft. The problem is… graphics are quite important in this game because of its nature. It isn’t a fast-paced game where it is all about the action; Syberia 3 is slow-paced, looking to dazzle you with graphics, story and sound.

Walking around the mental asylum/hospital, you’ll find yourself incredibly disappointed. The best way to explain the graphics are “unpolished”. Don’t get me wrong, they are not shocking but they just seem full of glitches and are unfinished. The more I played, the more I decided they weren’t quite as bad as I initially thought. Some of the backgrounds look quite real and although you’ll often find yourself surrounded by snow and in a screen of white, you do feel like you could well be in Syberia. That’s if you look like Kate Walker (which is something I wish I did…)

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Gameplay is an area of upmost importance with adventure games. This is the first type I have played a puzzle adventure without a mouse to and point and click. I found this quite frustrating at times because the controls felt a little clunky. As you are trying to control Kate, to get her around a plant pot, you’ll find yourself bumping into it a number of times like a stumbling drunk. This isn’t helped by the stuttering nature of the game, and without having the technical ability to actually tell whether the frame rate is dropping, or if the game is just running off a poor engine, I have to say that either way, it is a poor show. As I have previously mentioned, the graphics aren’t particularly, great nor is there much happening at the same time, so why on earth does the game suffer from frame-rate drops? This also seems to happen on the cut scenes as well. The more I played of it, the more it started to bug me.

Throughout, you’ll find yourself coming to battle with a range of little puzzles and things to find. As explained earlier, I played this game in the normal setting with hints switched on. This definitely helped, but I didn’t feel the difficulty of any of the challenges were too much that I wouldn’t have figured them out given enough time. I’m not an expert at this type of game, so I assume some of the more accustomed gamers will decide that this game doesn’t offer the right intensity of challenge.

Whether I have enjoyed playing this game so far is an interesting question. Even though I haven’t quite completed it yet, I have decided to continue. That must mean that I have definitely enjoyed the journey. What must be said, however, is the amount of annoyances it will obviously throw in your face. Yes, the graphics aren’t great, the gameplay is frustrating and the sound is completely mixed – with a fantastic sound track and horrendous voice acting. Saying all of this, Syberia offers you something that I haven’t been given in a game for a very long time – I found myself playing it alongside Persona 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn and deciding to play it just as much as the other two titles. Don’t get me wrong, Syberia 3 is miles behind both of these games but due to its niche genre and intriguing story I found myself wanting to play it.

Syberia 3 is no ten out of ten, nor is it another ‘Turtles‘ (still the worst PS4 game I have ever played). What it is, is a game full of faults, a game which feels unfinished but a game that still has something about it. They only took 8 years to make it, and I would love to have seen the final product if they took a few years to spit and wax and make this third entry gleam. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want a nice chilled adventure which doesn’t tax you too much but envelopes you deep inside an interesting story then Syberia 3 could well be the game for you.

Syberia 3 is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and click on the packshot for the full-size version.

Syberia 3 – Official Launch Trailer

Important info:

  • Publisher: pqube
  • Players: single-player
  • HDTV options: up to 1080p
  • Sound: DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1


Writer: Benoît Sokal

Kate Walker: Sharon Mann


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