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Elite Dangerous – Xbox One version available now

Elite Dangerous is less a game and more an experience to behold, especially when I’m playing it on my 50″ Plasma TV (although I wish my TV also did 4K, since the game can on PC), and now it’s available for Xbox One users. Elite Dangerous brings gaming’s original open-world adventure to Xbox One with […]

Elite Dangerous on PC – The DVDfever Review

Elite Dangerous is one of a few reviews I meant to do some time ago, but around then, my father died and it felt like my brain exploded and bits of it went spinning into the dark night of space like my Cobra Mk.III does on many occasions when playing this game, either after being […]

Elite: Mostly Harmless on Audio CD, by Kate Russell – The DVDfever Review

Elite: Mostly Harmless charts the story of Commander Angel Rose, space-trading this and that to eke out a living, shooting into hyperspace across the galaxies, and trying to avoid not only vicious pirates out to destroy her, but even worse… having to return back to Slough Orbital, her home-based space station where her ignorant father […]

Elite: Dangerous – Official GDC Trailer – PC, Mac and Xbox One

Elite: Dangerous is the classic massively multiplayer space trading game brought right up to date, and is available now on PC, then out in spring on the Mac, and later in 2015 as a console-exclusive on Xbox One. Yes… if you have a PS4, you won’t be getting it. Elite’s creator David Braben has strong […]

From Bedrooms To Billions Special Edition on Blu-ray/HD download – The DVDfever Review

From Bedrooms To Billions tells the story of all the computer programmers from the late ’70s and early ’80s, who, literally, wrote these programs in their bedrooms and how, originally, programming back in the day was done to become a better programmer, rather than making money. The youth of today may not realise that when […]

Kate Russell climbs the fiction charts with debut novel – Elite: Mostly Harmless

Kate Russell is best known for presenting the Webscape section of BBC’s technology programme Click, but as well as being an accomplished journalist, she has also turned her expertise in a whole new direction. Her debut novel, Elite: Mostly Harmless, burst on to the scene and has since been taking the fiction world by storm. Kate’s […]

Mostly Harmless? No way! BBC’s Kate Russell Puts Revenge on the Market

Mostly Harmless is Kate Russell‘s first Elite novel to be showcased by Fantastic Books Publishing. If you’re holding a grudge, you might be tempted. George RR Martin, author of Game of Thrones has pledged a grisly end for two lucky souls in his new book for the eye-watering price of $20,000 each. On the other […]

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