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Star Trek: Picard – The DVDfever Review – Patrick Stewart

Star Trek: Picard focuses on Enterprise Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s next chapter in his life, but we already know that’s accounted for by Patrick Stewart appearing as Professor X in the X-Men movies, as well as CIA director Avery Bullock in American Dad, and occasional appearances in Family Guy, including as Avery, himself, and baby Susie […]

Uncut Gems – The DVDfever Netflix Review – Adam Sandler in career-best performance!

Uncut Gems is a film I’ve been looking forward to immensely since I heard about it, as The Safdie Brothers, who direct and co-write this, also brought us 2017’s Good Time, starring Robert Pattinson, which was a wonderful movie. It begins at the Welo Mine in Ethopia, back in autumn 2010 where… uncut gems are […]

What Did Jack Do? – The DVDfever Review – David Lynch Netflix movie

What Did Jack Do? is a new 17-minute movie from David Lynch (recently-ish seen with Harry Dean Stanton in Lucky), which arrived by surprise, and celebrates the great director’s 74th birthday. Why not release this on his 75th birthday? Well, when has Lynch ever done anything normal? As one person said on Twitter, “Netflix: Just […]

Ragnarok – Series Trailer – Netflix

Ragnarok is a forthcoming Netflix series that certainly does look inviting from the trailer. A small Norwegian town experiencing warm winters and violent downpours seems to be headed for another Ragnarok – unless someone intervenes in time. Dom RobinsonReviewer of movies, videogames and music since 1994. Aortic valve operation survivor from the same year. Running […]

Visible: Out on Television – Series Trailer – Apple TV+

Visible: Out on Television is a forthcoming Apple TV+ documentary series. From Emmy-nominated filmmakers Ryan White and Jessica Hargrave, and executive producers Wanda Sykes and Wilson Cruz, Visible: Out on Television investigates the importance of TV as an intimate medium that has shaped the American conscience, and how the LGBTQ movement has shaped television. Combining […]

Fugitive of the Judoon – Doctor Who Series 12 Episode 5 – Trailer

Fugitive of the Judoon is the fifth episode of Doctor Who Series 12… Trigger-happy space police the Judoon are targeting 21st-century Gloucester, so the Doctor, Yaz, Ryan and Graham race back to Earth in order to prevent them doing too much damage to the cathedral city. But who are the Judoon looking for and what […]

Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror – Doctor Who Series 12 Episode 4 – The DVDfever Review

Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror is the fourth episode of Doctor Who Series 12, and engineer Nikola Tesla (E.R.‘s Goran Visnjic – above) thinks he’s getting signals from Mars, which leads to an energy kerfuffle, someone unnamed kicks the bucket, the Doctor turns up with the Scooby Doo gang, and so does an alien, shooting […]

Saint Maud – Trailer 1 – Jennifer Ehle

Saint Maud is a forthcoming movie with Jennifer Ehle, and looks weird as hell. There, but for the grace of God, goes Maud, a reclusive young nurse whose impressionable demeanor causes her to pursue a pious path of Christian devotion after an obscure trauma. Now charged with the hospice care of Amanda, a retired dancer […]

In the Heights – Trailer 1 – Lin-Manuel Miranda

In the Heights comes from Lin-Manuel Miranda, the man who single-handedly ruined Mary Poppins Returns, and I can’t wait to miss it! The film is a musical which centres on a variety of characters living in the neighborhood of Washington Heights, on the northern tip of Manhattan. At the center of the show is Usnavi […]

Avenue 5 – The DVDfever Review – Hugh Laurie

Avenue 5 is a new Sky One comedy from Armando Iannucci about life on the titular spaceship, helmed by Captain Ryan Clark (Hugh Laurie), who’s frequently joined by Iris Kimura (Suzy Nakamura), and they’re all frequently annoyed by shouty owner Herman Judd (Josh Gad). It begins with a few minor issues, such as given that […]

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