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Feeling Social but Uneager to Go Out? Here are the Top Social Video Games

Gaming can be a mechanism for many things, but in the past, it was never considered an apparatus for being social. That’s definitely not the case in the ’10s though and although there’s nothing wrong with being a lone gamer and pitting your wits against a computer, the social aspects of games can provide much […]

Wonder Woman Is Finally Here: Are You Ready For It?

Is it June yet? The first of June marks the day that we will finally be able to see director Patty Jenkins‘ Wonder Woman movie for ourselves. The title role will be played by Gal Gadot, who is of course no stranger to the titular character, having played her as a supporting role in many […]

Where Have Western Movies Gone?

Where Have Western Movies Gone? John Wayne’s Academy Award-winning movie True Grit was released in 1969 and took the box office by storm. It was considered that the remake of the movie in 2010 was going to perhaps resurrect western movies, bringing back a rebirth of Texas rangers, sheriffs and cowboys to the film industry. […]

Is Gaming Really a Costly Hobby? Well…

It is not obvious whether gaming is an expensive or cheap, as far as hobbies go. It is certainly not as costly as skiing or as throwing diamonds into the sea – if that is anyone’s hobby – but it is not without its requirements; it’s certainly a lot more expensive than, say, bird watching. Below […]

Pop Culture Icons Re-Imagined – as Slot Machine Games

Across the board, well-loved parts of pop culture have a way of sprouting up in unexpected places. Google Harry Potter memes and you will find such a range of weird and wonderful images that you would need a Pensieve to store them all. Just so, games become films and films become games. Books give rise […]

Bitcoin In Film: How the Cryptocurrency is Impacting Cinema

As technology continues to evolve, so too does the film industry. This symbiotic relationship is certainly impressive as we as an audience get to watch science fiction slowly become reality as the ever-developing tech makes movies more enthralling than ever. One of the most interesting relationships that we’ve seen emerge over the past few years is […]

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