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Lost Sphear on PS4 – The DVDfever Review

Lost Sphear is out now on PS4, and in times of turmoil and uncertainty, we always know that Square Enix will keep those RPGs coming. This is a game from the developers of I am Setsuma, which was an enjoyable adventure that ended up getting a little tedious come the later hours. The director had […]

DOOM on Nintendo Switch – The DVDfever Review

DOOM can be summed up in short: Blood, guts, gore and extreme violence. It was originally released in 2016 on PS4, PC and Xbox One. I finished the game back then and absolutely loved it. Here, I have the Switch version where part of my review will discuss how it holds up in comparison. For […]

Nine Parchments on Nintendo Switch – The DVDfever Review

Nine Parchments is the latest attempt to produce a game of similar dynamics to Diablo. Many games have failed trying this and Diablo is still a highly played game, even if it has been out for ages. Each attempt has differed in ways which have never affected gameplay or the general dynamics of the game. […]

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Nintendo Switch – The DVDfever Review

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is out now on Nintendo Switch and there are now about 16 different versions of the game available. I played it for about 90 hours on the PS3 and didn’t even complete it. You can also get this title for Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, PC and even a new […]

Syberia 2 on Nintendo Switch – The DVDfever Review

Syberia 2 is out now, and generally sequels are better than the originals, or even the game in the middle. I reviewed Syberia 3 for the PS4 and really couldn’t get on with it. Even after reading so much about the first two games, my patience ran thin with the third instalment. However, as soon […]

L.A. Noire on Nintendo Switch – The DVDfever Review

L.A. Noire is a game I found myself glued to the PS3 playing through, six years ago, with my girlfriend (now my wife), eagerly helping through each case. Some games age well with time and others don’t. It is necessary to mention that I opted to review this game on the Nintendo Switch. Therefore all […]

Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle on Nintendo Switch – The DVDfever Review

Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle proves that some games take you a little by surprise, and this is definitely one of those. Firstly, how did the annoying rabbids find their way into a well-thought-of franchise like Mario? Also, who decided that they were going to make a turn-based strategy game involving said characters? Anyhow, this […]

Earth Atlantis on Nintendo Switch – The DVDfever Review

Earth Atlantis is out now on the Nintendo Switch, and the unit, itself, seems to be a changing console. With third party games coming at a fast rate and even the inclusion of some more adult-orientated titles, we may finally be seeing the ‘Switch’ Nintendo had to do. The new game is one which seems […]

FIFA 18 on Xbox One – The DVDfever Review

FIFA 18 is out: every year we are given the next instalment of sports games, and every year you will see a few idiots buy a copy at their local supermarket and drive it home with a seatbelt secured around FIFA. Every year you will see wives and girlfriends across the country moan because they […]

Project Cars 2 on PS4 – The DVDfever Review

Project Cars 2 is out now and reminds me that car games used to be my life. Gran Turismo, and even before that, Ridge Racer was how I wasted away a fair chunk of my childhood. Sadly, as I grew older, I stopped religiously playing our high octane buddies. Originally, I thought this was because […]

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