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Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail is out now, and it has to be said that this is my first review on a PC game following recently joining said Master Race.

After learning that a new title in this series was en route, I found myself intrigued to see its similarities to the Seven Deadly Sins game I had previously played. I have drifted away to approximately 10 hours of Fairy Tail episodes before realising that the attractive character’s wabs were never actually going to fall out. It was a sad moment, but we all learn valuable life lessons.

Twenty minutes into the game, and I was starting to get a little mad. It wasn’t because of the overly-structured premise, but more because this game had been clearly made for a console. As a PC beginner, I wasn’t too sure of all the buttons and have been trying to learn how to use the keyboard (DVDfever Dom adds: “I always use my Xbox One control on the PC, these days. Works like a charm”). Clearly the game had been created for the Xbox as I spent twenty minutes looking for an RB button and never did find it. Then, when it told me to press X, I had to reconnect my keyboard a number of times, until I released that I was going to have to hunt through my keyboard to find the actual button. After I learned the buttons, things became a lot easier and I had mildly calmed down. I am now curious whether this is a common problem with PC games.

Fairy Tail is a smooth-running game which looks as bright – or maybe brighter – than the anime itself. It starts off in the part of the anime where they are in Tenrou and are getting into some crazy fights. Long story short, they somehow evade the fierce dragon and then go home. When they get back to their hometown, they realise that they have been gone for 7 years and things look a little bit different to how they used to ne. They are now deemed the lowest of the low and have to rebuild their reputation. Suffice to say, the storyline isn’t particularly very exciting, and was it not for the enjoyable turn-based fighting, this game would be pretty dross (well the bouncing body peripherals also got a thumbs up from me – if you know what I mean)…

Fairy Tail – Gameplay Walkthrough – Shirrako

When it comes to the gameplay, Fairy Tail is far from ground-breaking. However, it is quite enjoyable, albeit for half of it. Moving from place to place feels like any other JRPG – annoying camera angles, characters running at one speed and no areas where you can fall to your impending doom. The areas are inundated with other nobody characters who just spurt random nonsense at you, such as “Hmm, I have never heard of Fairy Tail” or other gibberish. Apparently, this is similar to the anime, but I can’t quite fathom how idiotic everyone became after 8 years.

One of the highlights of this game is definitely the fighting. I love turn-based games and this certainly uses that system well. There are a number of different types of actions you can perform. Of course, each action comes fully equipped with its own absurd animation in full. Sometimes you will get a little bit frustrated with these, as they really string out some of the more mundane battles, but at other times, you will absolutely love them. Sporting a nice range of attacks, you will try and explore all of them but eventually pick your favourites.

Fairy Tail also offers a nice range of characters to get to know. Your mission will be custom-built for certain characters to progress their uninteresting storylines. Being a big anime fan, I can see why a lot of people have fallen out of love with the show during this arc, so unfortunately it didn’t grip me as much as I would have wanted.

Overall, this is a pretty average game which will probably be best enjoyed if you are a fan of the show. For anyone looking to make a start with anime games, I wouldn’t recommend making this your starting point.

Fairy Tail is out now on PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Fairy Tail – PV2 Trailer – Playstation

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