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A Closer Look at the Four Kings Casino PS4 Game

If there’s one thing that the digital realm is not short of, it’s freemium, virtual casino and slot games. These platforms have taken the market by storm in recent times, providing players with access to immersive and diverse experiences in increasingly realistic settings. Take the Four Kings Casino and Slots game, for example, which is […]

BAFTA 2018 nominations announced!

The BAFTA 2018 Awards will take place on Sunday February 18th and will be broadcast on BBC1 that evening. The nominations are as follows and, as usual, they include a stack of films which haven’t even been released yet in the UK. Best Film: Call Me By Your Name Darkest Hour Dunkirk The Shape Of […]

BFI 61st London Film Festival Part 3 by Helen M Jerome

BFI 61st London Film Festival Part 3 brings us all the documentaries, plus the 2017 DVDfever Film Awards! No matter the quantity and quality of high-profile feature films spread across the London Film Festival, you always find excellent documentaries squirreled away amongst them. You know you’re in safe hands with some of the established filmmakers, […]

BFI 61st London Film Festival Part 2 by Helen M Jerome

BFI 61st London Film Festival Part 2: What a time for international filmmaking – and particularly European movies from our near neighbours, Spain, Italy and France, plus Hungary, Austria and Poland. Vive la difference! So let’s plunge straight into the richly rewarding pick-and-mix bag of delights from abroad, showcased at the 2017 London Film Festival. […]

BFI 61st London Film Festival Part 1 by Helen M Jerome

BFI 61st London Film Festival Part 1: Let me take you by the hand and lead you towards the films that are streets ahead of the rest, the ones you’ll need to track down, and the ones you should probably avoid. For the 2017 London Film Festival provides a fabulous insight into an incredible burst […]

DC vs Marvel – Who will Triumph in the End?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years, you’ll no doubt be aware of the abundance of comic book-adapted films that have been bombarding the senses of movie goers in 2D, 3D and IMAX cinemas across the world. The source material of these ‘comic book blockbusters’ hails from the universes of […]

A Brief History Of People Panicking Over The New Doctor Who

People started freaking out when it was revealed that the new Doctor in Doctor Who would be played by a woman, but that reaction is nothing new at all. Most people know about Doctor Who – a sci-fi show where the main character travels through space and time, “regenerating” and changing his face and personality […]

Marvel – has the Superhero bubble finally burst with Inhumans?

Marvel have dominated cinemas in the last few years with variations on the same film every few months, on average. If it’s not Captain America, Iron Man or Spider-Man sorting out one big bad guy per movie, it’s all of them getting together for a big crash/bash/smash, and always for around two-and-a-half bum-numbing hours. I’ve […]

When Movies and Video Games go Hand in Hand

Ever since the dawn of video games there have been tie-ins with movies. Take, for example, the cult classic Robocop, released in 1987. It was set in the (then) near future in Detroit, Michigan which has become a dystopia on the edge of collapse due to high crime and financial ruin with big companies like […]

Spider-Man Games: With great power comes great gaming opportunity

If you’ve been feeling a little unusual recently then don’t panic – chances are it’s just your Spidey sense that’s been tingling in anticipation for the webslinger’s new film, Spider-Man: Homecoming. This is the third reboot of the franchise in the last 16 years and features rising British star Tom Holland, who plays a young […]

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