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Mafia III on Xbox One – The DVDfever Review

Mafia III stars off looking like it’s a TV documentary, with Sam and Dave‘s Hold On (I’m Coming) booming out, which follows hot on the heels of Jimi Hendrix‘s All Along The Watchtower, a track which will greet you each time you begin. Told in flashback by Father James Ballard, and mixing in game action […]

WRC 6 on Xbox One – The DVDfever Review

WRC 6 (aka World Rally Championship 6) is the latest i a franchise which has been around for a while. The first one I remember was WRC II Extreme on the PS2. It was alright, and having quite believable graphics considering when it was released. To be honest, after that I didn’t really play anymore […]

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 on Xbox One – The DVDfever Review

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – colour me surprised. Let’s go back in time to where I was in my early teens and a huge fan of anime movies, especially those made by Manga. When I heard we were getting a Dragon Ball Z animated series in the UK, I got excited as I heard great […]

WWE 2K17 on Xbox One – The DVDfever Review

WWE 2K17: another year another copy and paste. It’s that time of year again where WWF – sorry, I mean WWE – hounds grab their copies of the latest wrestling game from a company so big it has bought and absorbed its competition. Welcome to Suplex City where most of the moves your character can […]

The Witness on Xbox One – The DVDfever Review

The Witness is an indie title from Thekla Inc. which I’ve been very much looking forward to, which took six years to make and will probably take the average gamer around 20 hours to complete, with completists being able to rack up 50 hours in total. That isn’t too bad for an independent game, and […]

Bioshock: The Collection on Xbox One – The DVDfever Review

Bioshock: The Collection consists of three games that were released on the previous-gen console: Bioshock 1 (2007), Bioshock 2 (2010) and Bioshock Infinite (2013). All three are primarily first-person shooters; however, you shouldn’t expect a high-action shooter like Call of Duty, but more, a psychological one. All three titles achieved critical success upon release, with […]

Destiny: Rise of Iron on PS4 – The DVDfever Review

Destiny: Rise of Iron is here, and I remember well the first time I fired up Destiny on the PS3; I gelled with it instantly and really enjoyed the solid gameplay and the large open areas. I enjoyed it that much I bought the PS4 version when The Taken King was released and pulled my […]

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 on Xbox One – The DVDfever Review

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017: Okay let’s kick this off. Pro Evo was published and distributed by Konami. Seriously if you don’t know anything about Konami, then I am unsure why you are reading anything gaming-related unless you are new to this whole gaming scene. If that is the case please check out their site, and […]

Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom – Xbox One – The DVDfever Review

Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom: Let’s start off by saying that this isn’t the first game that I have played which was released in Japan, long before its UK date. This game came out in February in Japan, and during its first week it outsold Street Fighter V. However, since then it hasn’t sold […]

Resident Evil 4 HD on Xbox One – The DVDfever Review

Resident Evil 4 is now out in a new HD remaster, and the whole Resident Evil series has been a powerhouse in survival horror for the past 20 years, since its debut on the Playstation in 1996. This fourth entry changed the genre from survival horror to action horror and surprisingly successfully, even after several […]

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