Metro Exodus on Xbox One – The DVDfever Review

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus: It is very hard to think objectively about a game after you have decided that it clearly isn’t a game that you are going to like. However, I feel this is what I must do as this is an excellent game which just didn’t capture me.

This is the third game of the series, and the first one I have played. I was excited when it came, as a lot of my friends had talked about how amazing the story is, one stating that he has loved all of the books which was a shock to me as I was so naïve, I didn’t even know there were any books!

You take the role of Artyom, a somewhat silent protagonist, who, along with his fellow comrades, lives in the metro system of Russia due to a war which has led to some sort of nuclear dilemma. You’re desperate to get to the outside world and often go out travelling, leading to radiation poisoning and your whole crew getting relatively vexed at your loose decisions. Without any further spoilers, there are a few twists and turns and you find yourself exploring above ground and fending off some ugly looking mutated humans and animals.

After battling with the extremely long loading times, the first thing to really strike you will be the absolutely stunning graphics. Even at the start of the game, whilst you are trapped in the confines of the metro, you can see that you are going to be a part of something special. Context wise, this is the first AAA title I have played since owning the Xbox One X and this has been the first title where I have been truly astounded by the sheer beauty of it all. When you get to the open world, every single part of your surrounding looks real. It is only right that they offer you the capture mode at that first point of real beauty. The character graphics are also excellent and you can really understand and emphasise with the facial tells of each character. Some extra touches are when your mask steams or gets dirty and you have to wipe it off. I also loved how interactive everything is, including some of the detailed weapons which you have to pump as well as your watch which you constantly need to check (for different reasons).

Metro Exodus – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME – No Commentary – RabidRetrospectGames

(It starts at 0:28)

Throughout the game, sound is used to lure you into the world of Metro. Character’s voices are thick with a strong Russian accent, which at times are laughable but also pretty much believable. The general sound effects keep you on edge as you’re creeping through an area trying not to be spotted. Music isn’t rife in the game, but when it comes up helps entwine you within the setting.

The gameplay irritated me due to it’s slow and laborious pace and often felt like Dishonoured but not as fun. I ended up treating all areas aggressively and then quickly running out of ammo. This is where I started realising the game was not for me. If you like a slow-paced shooter where you need to think carefully about each bullet and sneak around, then this is probably the perfect game for you. If you like to run into an area and waste ammo like it’s nobody’s business then this isn’t the game for you. The controls felt slightly heavy (probably because of all the attire you are often strapped in) and made dynamic movements feel too sluggish. I found running a little awkward and all in all the game felt a little too slow for me. This was my main grievance with Metro Exodus and one of the reasons I really couldn’t quite get on with it.

It’s when a game is generally doing everything it is meant to be doing well but it just doesn’t feel right for you. This is a real shame as I was desperate to like Metro but I didn’t. I must make it clear, though, that a lot of people are going to love this game and I don’t blame you.

Metro Exodus is out now on PS4 and Xbox One, both of which include a Spartan Survival Guide, exclusive to Amazon!

Metro Exodus – Story Trailer

Important info:

  • Developer: 4A Games
  • Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Players: Single-player only