Overboard (2018) – Trailer 1 – Anna Farris

Overboard shows Hollywood’s well of ideas has run dry yet again, as they’ve made a remake of the so-so 1987 comedy which starred Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

This time round, Leonardo (Eugenio Derbez) is a spoiled and wealthy yacht owner, who is thrown overboard and becomes the target of revenge from his mistreated employee, Kate (Anna Faris).

Writer/Directors: Bob Fisher, Rob Greenberg
Also stars: Eva Longoria, Swoosie Kurtz, John Hannah, Josh Segarra, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Mel Rodriguez, Emily Maddison

Check out the trailer below:

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  • Carrie Louise Talbot-Ashby

    Ahh jeez, they really and truly have run out of ideas haven’t they…you have to feel sorry for them really…not the people who made this wet nappy of a film, but the three poor saps who pay to go and see it!

    Their faces annoy me. (being fair mine would probably annoy them, but there it is! lol) x

  • Spot on, and I love “this wet nappy of a film” 😀

    I can see this getting crucified when it comes out. It’s not even a spoof, but a remake of a so-so comedy, so it’s not as if they’re even remaking a classic!

  • Carrie Louise Talbot-Ashby

    Lol I wondered if I was being perhaps a little prematurely cruel at first, but quite rightly as you say, it was hardly a classic to begin with, which shows just how desperate folk are getting! Its the same with music on adverts! They re-jig it, get some depressed bint to sing it and hope to rebrand it as something bloody new, and it does my head in! lol.
    Waiting now for remakes of Uncle Buck 2018 with Will Farrell in a fat suit and some bloody annoying brats from some obscure Disney Channel….and also Ghostbusters 4 – This time . . .They’re Dogs!

    God help us.

  • Let’s hope there’s no Uncle Buck remake. That’s a classic.

    I hate all those ads which ruin classic songs. There’s a TUI ad where a woman sings “Ain’t Nobody”, but it sounds like she’s rushing through the song so quickly, so it’s over and done before she can think about the embarrassment.

    Thankfully, there won’t be another Ghostbusters movie. It only broke even, and director Paul Feig didn’t listen to the cast about how they should do certain things, and it was a dire idea, anyway. It was my worst film of last year.

  • Carrie Louise Talbot-Ashby

    Thing is, everyone, EVERYone but the twonks that made GB3 KNEW it would be utter tripe! lol
    I need one of Uncle Bucks Mahoosive pancakes now….that was a great film 🙂

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