American Hero – Official Trailer #1 – Stephen Dorff

american-hero American Hero stars Stephen Dorff (right) as Melvin, a reluctant superhero, who lives only for crime, women and drugs, but the trailer just shows him having a good time by flinging a lot of stuff about. The billing then states he stops doing this when he realises that the only way he will ever get to see his estranged son is to go straight and fulfil his potential as a crime fighter, yet there’s nothing about his son in this trailer.

The cast also includes Andrea Cohen, Luis Da Silva Jr, Keena Ferguson and the preposterously-named Bill Billions and Jonathan Billions. However, it does look like a cracking movie and I’m looking forward to it.

Written and directed by Nick Love who’s also responsible for 2012’s The Sweeney movie which was so lame, but let’s hope the full film of this will be worth watching.

American Hero is released in the US on December 11th, but there isn’t yet a UK date.

Check out the trailer and click on the above image for the full-size version: