Brian Harvey from East 17 set to re-open Walthamstow Co-op Bank

Brian Harvey Brian Harvey, former second-lead singer with cockney ’90s pop band East 17 has revealed a promising change in direction to his career by buying up and re-opening the Walthamstow branch of the Co-operative Bank, known to many as simply, the Co-op.

The branch shut on June 30th 2017 due to a drop in counter transactions, and as the final week drew to a close, customers complained that it no longer felt like a ‘house of love’.

In fact, with the nearest branch five miles away, they were often seen holding candlelit vigils outside, imploring that the branch staff ‘stay another day’, to the point where they’d take up residence in the streets outside it, sing the popular No.1 hit, originally written, coincidentally, to pray for the non-closure of the Birmingham Britannia bank branch, two years prior to its release.

Brian told us, “I’ve been thinking about this for a while, even having been all ‘around the world’ looking for a building to reopen as a bank, and store lots of ‘gold’, but Walthamstow is where the heart is, and I’ve played all the games in my ‘Steam’ library over and over, so it’s time for an honest day’s work for a change.”

Queried on his potential success, Brian Harvey added, “I think ‘It’s alright’, alright, everything’s gonna be alright”, and concluded, “‘If you ever’ find yourself in the area, head down to open an account.”