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Dead Island

Dead Island: Definitive Edition: Let’s start off with some technical information this game, made by the same Polish company, Techland, also responsible for Dying Light and Call of Juarez. Dead Island is arguably their biggest release.

Deep Silver are the publishers and they have published a range of games like Homefront: The Revolution, Saints Row, Catherine (one of the best games you will ever play) and the upcoming Mighty No.9. Both companies who are behind this game are making a name for themselves, hence why they can take a risk and re-release a game.

Dead Island was originally released in 2011 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Now, just under 5 years later, it’s back on the market. However I must admit I am always a bit sceptical about Definitive Editions and re-releases. Saying this, looking at my collection shows that even though I’m sceptical I seem to buy them anyway. I own a number of games on either PS2/3 Xbox original/360 and the PS4/Xbox One so they always must be doing something right.

It is worth mentioning that this is the first game that I have played that I hadn’t played on the original console – I mean I do have it because I’m sure it was free with ‘Games with Gold’ last year but I drunkenly switched it on one evening and fell asleep before I even made it past the options… you shouldn’t drink and game guys: it never works out well.

Dead Island Definitive Edition Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1 – No Commentary (1080p 60fps) – MrRetroKid91

If anyone is wondering which console to get this game on I will say one thing: the disc on the PS4 only has the original game on, whereas the disc on the Xbox One also has Retro Revenge and Riptide. In light of knowing all of that, I am playing the game on the PS4. I just find games run a little smoother and I am more accustomed to the controller making it more fun for me to play. This review will be mainly focused on the main game but I will add sections about the Riptide expansion pack and the Retro Revenge title.

The story takes place on a fictional island off of Papua New Guinea called Banoi and what an island it is. I actually did look it up within five minutes as a potential honeymoon destination, but decided I didn’t fancy risking fate and being attacked by zombies. To cut the story down to the barebones and not give much away, you have four playable characters that you can choose from: Sam B (rapper) who specialises in blunt weapons – this is who I chose as I love smashing zombies, Logan Carter (former American Football star) who specialises in throwing knives, Xian Mei (desk clerk) who specialises in blade weapons, and Purna (former police officer) who specialises in firearms. All four of these characters offer you something different but all follow the same story… Basically, the island has been infected and you’re the only son of a gun who can’t get infected – but you can die.

So as the story commences, you have to save the island and save the people. What I prefer about this game, compared to Dead Rising 3, is that at least there is some story. The main story isn’t great and won’t be the aspect that keeps you playing but it does follow some sort of plot. The story itself will take you long enough to complete (20 hours), but it’s the side quests which offer a fair amount of variation and could take you another 30-40 hours. The game offers plenty of scope and is simple but darn enjoyable.

What confused me about this game is that you have no way of changing the difficulty. However this didn’t seem to be a problem, as each quest you take on has its own difficulty level, so you can choose which ones to pick depending how far you are in the game.

Go to page 2 for more thoughts on the game plus conclusions.

Dead Island Definitive Edition Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 2 – No Commentary (1080p 60fps) – MrRetroKid91


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