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There are new subclasses too. My Warlock is now a Stormcaller and has a lightning attack. The hunters are Nightstalkers, which arms them with a bow of void energy, and the Titans get a subclass called Sunbreaker, which arms them with a flaming hammer. Subclasses are pretty much special attacks assigned to left and right bumpers or both for your super-charge attack. They all looked spectacular though, and I was glad to have a new attack to level up. My new class was achieved by completing a story mission, which is nice and feels new to Destiny with all these story missions going on it has definitely given the game a more cohesive feel.

The sound is, as you would expect from a Bungie game. It’s great! The guns, though not real sound meaty and the music is suitably epic, just as it should be.

Oh, did I mention swords? As well as guns, you will now have the chance to wield swords. There was a mission in Beta Destiny, which saw you collect a sword to overcome an onslaught of enemies and a boss. The sword felt great and dealt out massive damage. The problem was, once the mission was complete the sword was no longer yours. Well, complete a particular mission here, and you will gain a sword to hold. It’s not as simple as completing a single mission. Believe me, by the time you have gained the sword you will feel you earned it!

One thing I have to mention is this game hate’s wireless connection. Whenever I play The Taken King (and the same had to be said for Beta Destiny too) I have to use the Ethernet cable from my PC in the Xbox one. If I use WIFI then I repeatedly get kicked out of the game stating “no Internet connection”. Other games are fine including The Elder Scrolls Online. Strange.

Destiny: The Taken King Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 [1080p HD PS4] – No Commentary – MKIceAndFire

People who splashed out on the original Destiny would have a right to feel stung. The original take on Destiny really does feel like a beta that you were asked to pay £40 for. Buy this as well, and Destiny in its Final Destiny version will have cost early adopters northwards of £80. Bungie can argue they haven’t left early adopters out as they have, in fairness, continued to develop Destiny rather than release a Destiny 2 a year after. The trouble is, these improvements didn’t come all at once in one big patch, but has been drip fed through the year, culminating in the biggest patch just before The Taken King‘s release. People like me had already finished the original game in its rough form and held no desire to come back. If Bungie had released The Taken King a year ago,I’d still have been playing it today as its loyal fans still are. I simply feel there would have been more of them.

Hence is The Taken King worth your hard earned pennies again? Well, if you have never played Destiny and have the option of buying this version or the original version I would recommend The Taken King without hesitation. This is how Destiny was meant to be. You get the original game plus The Dark Below, House of Wolves and The Taken King as a complete package in the Legendary Edition I’m reviewing. It is even cheaper than buying all the DLC separately. (But only because the DLC is ridiculously overpriced)

For those who love Destiny then this is a worthy purchase, this is what you should have had the first time round. For those who didn’t like Destiny when they first tried it, this goes some way to fixing it but perhaps not far enough. It’s still a grind to level-up even though the new story driven layout goes some way to hiding that. The new enemies and characters in The Taken King are just re-skinned enemies you’ve already seen with different attack patterns and you will still find that some missions still have you revisiting levels you’ve already completed. For those who already own Destiny, perhaps a discount on this and the previous DLC’s would have sweetened the deal. The fact is that the original Destiny didn’t feel quite finished – it was a shell of a game that felt quite sparse as if it had planets and levels removed, solely to be sold back to you as DLC later. It felt to me that I paid full price to take part in a Beta.

By contrast Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition feels finished. Buy the Legendary disc with all this content and you won’t be disappointed. The game is now huge, there are many different game types within the game and most importantly the game gels. The story makes the game compelling to play either with friends or on your own. I’ve enjoyed it and that’s from someone who looked at Destiny as I’d look at an ex (wondering what I ever saw in them). It’s definitely a monumental improvement. Winning over those who fell out of love with Destiny to pay the price for admission will be tough. Those who do will be overjoyed at its transformation. The Taken King is the Butterfly to Beta Destiny’s caterpillar.

Thanks to those Youtube channels featured for the gaming footage.

Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition is out now on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Destiny: The Taken King Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 [1080p HD PS4] – No Commentary – MKIceAndFire

Important info:

  • Publisher: Activision
  • Players: 1-multiplayer
  • HDTV options: up to 1080p
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 sound: Yes


Director: Luke Smith
Producer: Bungie
Screenplay: David Mongan and Joshua Rubin

Ghost: Nolan North
The Speaker: Bill Nighy
Exo Stranger: Lauren Cohan
Prince Uldren Sov: Brandon O’Neill
Queen Mara Sov: Kirsten Potter
Ikora Rey, Warlock Vanguard: Gina Torres
Commander Zavala, Titan Vanguard: Lance Reddick
Cayde-6, Hunter Vanguard: Nathan Fillion
Lord Shaxx, Crucible Handler: Lennie James
Lakshmi-2, Future War Cult Merchant: Shohreh Aghdashloo
Arach Jalaal, Dead Orbit Merchant: Peter Stormare
Executor Hideo, New Monarchy Merchant: James Remar
Master Rahool, Cryptarch: Erick Avari
Tess Everis, Special Orders: Claudia Black
Eris Morn: Morla Gorrondona
Guardian: Exo Female: Cree Summer
Guardian: Awoken Male: Crispin Freeman
Guardian Awoken Female: Grey Griffin
Guardian: Human Male: Matthew Mercer
Guardian: Exo Male: Peter Jessop
Guardian: Human Female: Susan Eisenberg
Banshee-44, Gunsmith/City Civilian: John DiMaggio
Amanda Holliday/City Civilian/Ship Comm./City PA: Courtenay Taylor
Lord Saladin, Iron Banner Crucible Regulator/City Civilian: Keith Ferguson
Petra Venj, The Queen’s Emissary/Awoken Pilot/City Civillian: April Stewart
City Civilian/Xûr/Ancient Firewall: Fred Tatasciore
City Civilian/City Vendor: David Lodge
Eva Levante, Guardian Outfitter/Roni 55-30/Kadi 55-30/City Vendor Frame/City PA: Nika Futterman
Xander 99-40, Bounty Tracker/Arcite 99-40, Crucible Quartermaster/City Vendor Frame: Dominic Keating
City Civil Frame/Archive Security A.I./City PA: Jen Taylor
City Civil Frame/City PA: Ken Boynton
City Civilian/City Vendor/City PA: Allyson Kulavis
Osiris: R Hamilton Wright
Variks the Loyal: Dee Bradley Baker
Master Ives: Gideon Emery
The Guardian: Richard Sloniker
Toland, the Shattered: Michael Hogan
Narrator: David Harewood


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