Destiny: The Taken King – Official E3 Reveal Trailer

The Taken King
The Taken King is the third expansion pack for Destiny, and will be released almost exactly one year after the original game, on September 15th.

After killing Crota, the main villain of The Dark Below, players will face off against Crota’s father Oryx in this new expansion. The Taken King will also introduce new character subclasses. Oryx will be waiting in his ship, known as the Dreadnaught. Oryx’s figure is similar to a Knight, with a face looking like a Hammerhead Shark and wings. The main storyline is that Oryx is seeking vengeance against the guardians who killed his son, Crota.

The trailer shows that Oryx has some command over Ultras of other races such as the Cabal, or the Vex. Players will face Oryx in the new raid, which has no confirmed name yet.

As the trailer states: “Oryx is coming. First you got his attention. Now, we want his head.”

The game features new gear, a multiplayer map, a “bad-ass” co-op strike, and all-new content available Day 1 for the game’s release.

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Destiny: The Taken King is released on September 15th. Check out the trailer below: