Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack Interviews and Details

Following the GTAV Official Trailer debut, Rockstar were contacted by a number of fans asking about the music featured in it. The song is “Sleepwalking” from electronic band The Chain Gang of 1974. Have a listen to it via the SoundCloud player embedded below, and read on for more details about the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack.

Rolling Stone and Pitchfork have also published the first official interviews detailing the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack and score earlier this week. Designed to encompass the breadth of the modern L.A. music scene, GTAV’s soundtrack features 15 music stations, two stations of talk radio and 240 licensed songs – covering everything from unforgettable classic hip-hop with long-time Rockstar collaborator DJ Pooh, to the underground Mexican sounds of East LOS FM and the modern beatmaker scene courtesy of FlyLo FM, with new and exclusive tracks from both Flying Lotus and self-confessed GTA fan Tyler the Creator.

gta5-caradevCara Delevigne (right) took to Instagram to confirm her role as Non-Stop-Pop FM’s DJ.

The game also includes over 20 hours of original, dynamic score created by noted composer Tangerine Dream in collaboration with Woody Jackson (Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3, LA Noire) and L.A. hip-hop producers Alchemist and Oh No.

Check out the samplings below from five of the stations you’ll hear as you’re cruising across Los Santos and Blaine County in just a few short weeks’ time and stay tuned for more to be unveiled.

Read more about the GTAV soundtrack in Rockstar’s Rolling Stone interview at the link above, and get more details about Flying Lotus and his special mix for FlyLo FM at the above Pitchfork link.