I.T. – Official Trailer #1 – Pierce Brosnan

I.T. I.T. stars Pierce Brosnan as Mike Regan, a man who has everything he could ever want – a beautiful family and a top of the line smart house. The company he owns is on the verge of changing flight leasing forever. That is, until the relationship with his closest advisor turns nasty, to the point where his teenage daughter is being stalked and his family is under attack through every technological facet of their lives.

Interesting idea, but these kind of ‘madman trying to kill family’ thrillers are ten-a-penny and can go one way or the other. It doesn’t look at all original, but there could be a film worth watching in there, even if it comes from the director of A Good Day To Die Hard, John Moore.

And he actually directs in 2.35:1, as he should’ve done for that Bruce Willis movie! (even though he went with 1.85:1 as he felt it was better for the opening car chase… yet, the whole thing was terrible)

With a script from Daniel Kay and William Wisher Jr, the film also stars Anna Friel, Stefanie Scott, Michael Nyqvist, James Frecheville and Clare-Hope Ashitey, and is released in the US next month (exact date not yet known), but there’s even less known about when it’s coming to the UK.

With a budget of a mere €11m, I’d be surprised if this dirge makes it to the big screen.

Check out the trailer below and click on the poster for the full-size image.