Jim Jefferies – Intolerant – Trailer – Netflix

Jim Jefferies - Intolerant Jim Jefferies – Intolerant is the latest full show for the Aussie comedian, and although I haven’t tuned into his stuff for some time and been rather out of the loop, I did first come across him around 2003/4 when he was doing gigs at the Comedy Store in Manchester, delivering expert put-downs whilst being very uncouth.

This time round, he can’t handle his milk… In the high stakes world of lactose consumption, Jim Jefferies throws caution to the wind… and he might just have a bad reaction to cheese. Find out whether or not Jim poops his pants in his new stand-up special.

Jim Jefferies – Intolerant is released on Netflix on July 7th and looks superb.

Check out the trailer below:

Jim Jefferies – Intolerant – Trailer – Netflix