Laserbirds – ZX Spectrum 2020 game – First impressions

Laserbirds Laserbirds is a fast and responsive new arcade game for the ZX Spectrum 48K. It’s a mixture of Space Invaders, Phoenix and similar vertical shoot-em-up. There are 129 waves and is a strain on the wrists as you tried to keep up with them all.

As you’ll see from my gameplay, in my first attempt, I got through approximate 1/3 of the levels. Like any arcade game of the ‘80s, or which is ‘80s-inspired, it can get a little repetitive – and I’d have reduced the number of waves inbetween bosses from approximately 8 to 3 or 4, but it does offer a good challenge since at first I thought I’d die early. Then I thought I might actually get to the end of the game…

And then as I got past wave 40, I started getting creamed by the baddies!

How far can I get on a second go?

Note, that if you’re playing on an emulator, ensure you’ve selected a ZX Spectrum 48K machine, whether you’re using an emulator such as Spectaculator, or a new ZX Spectrum Next!

Laserbirds is out now for €2.99 from Tekmanic Software, and check out the gameplay below, as well as the artwork made for the game!

Laserbirds – ZX Spectrum 48K 2020 game – Longplay Gameplay – DVDfeverGames