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Omensight: Definitive Edition
Omensight: Definitive Edition is out now on Nintendo Switch, after having previously been released on PC (see our review here), and whilst playing through thing, mensight, I found it hard to decide to which games to relate it. Graphically, it reminded me of the old Gamecube title XIII, with its cell-shaded style. The gameplay reminded me of the Dead Souls series – especially with how you could die and then level-up at different periods. However, the fighting really reminded me of Diablo with how you had to use a range of skill moves and wait for them to recharge. I suppose what I ultimately decided was that Omensight must have taken inspiration from a number of different games, whilst trying to create a new game in itself.

I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t fully involved in the story. The premise of the game was pretty cool though – You play the role of the Harbinger, a character who only comes to the planet to stop the end of the world. You must untangle the mystery of how the world ended by repeating different parts of the story and deciding where to put your trust. Some people will get heavily engrossed in the story, but I found it a little bit repetitive at times. You had to keep on top of when you have updated your vision, or just play the game in the Easy story mode where it just pretty much tells you where to go next. Nifty. Noticeably, there were no points during the game where I was bored which is often the sign of an enjoyable game.

Visually, Omensight is spectacular. It uses an incredibly vast array of colours, and the graphics are striking. The visual style hasn’t been adopted in many games recently, and the simplistic backgrounds are effective in drawing your attention in to the characters. Even though they haven’t tried to be too elaborate, they have created something enjoyable to look at. What I liked most of all, is that I didn’t need to sit too close to my TV to play this game. So many current-gen titles have such fine details that you find yourself having to sit right next to the screen (especially when you have dodgy eyes like me!) to be able to understand everything fully. Each character has their own visual style and how they have portrayed the Harbinger is a sight in itself.

Omensight: Definitive Edition – Nintendo Switch Gameplay – Handheld Players

The game has a slick and fast-paced style to it, where it feels just like a hack and slash. Even though there are a number of different moves you can use, it never feels like you have to structure your strikes to win fights. I played Omensight in the middle game setting and died a fair few times, but mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to press the dash button or evade. When you die, you will go back, but only a short while and never too far away to be annoyed. After each level, you go back to the central point where you upgrade. You get to choose your upgrades, but I didn’t find that many of them made much of a difference to how you played the game. Some of the moves you learn are pretty cool and I love Ludomir’s Donkey Kong-style smash.

The dramatic orchestral sounds keep you engrossed throughout. You could tell when something dramatic was about to happen due to the tension being carefully created. The voice acting was incredibly cheesy, but suited the game. I was a little bit frustrated with how Ludomir and Emperor Indrik often blagged about how they were going to help you open that same door you had opened 17 times… Other than that, everything was solid and enjoyable.

Generally, I really enjoyed playing through Omensight. It only took around 7 hours to complete and I can’t see myself playing it again, but it was a perfect mid-game to play, in order to split a longer-to-play title, such as Red Dead Redemption 2. On the whole, it offers an abundance of fun epitomised by its fluid and fast paced fighting style.

An exhilarating game which will keep you going, even though it will make you feel déjà vu.

Omensight: Definitive Edition is out now on Nintendo Switch.

Omensight: Definitive Edition – Switch Launch Trailer – Spearhead Games

Important info:

  • Developer: Spearhead Games
  • Publisher: Spearhead Games
  • Players: Single-player only