Outlaw King – Trailer 2 – Chris Pine

Outlaw King
Outlaw King is a forthcoming Netflix film which stars Star Trek Beyond‘s Chris Pine as… Robert The Bruce… yes, I know. Stop laughing at the back.

It tells the untold, true story of the man who transforms from defeated nobleman to outlaw hero during the oppressive occupation of medieval Scotland by Edward I of England. Despite grave consequences, Robert seizes the Scottish crown and rallies an impassioned group of men to fight back against the mighty army of the tyrannical King and his volatile son, the Prince of Wales.

Filmed in Scotland, this film reunites Pine with director David Mackenzie who previously worked together on the superb Hell or High Water, alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Billy Howle, and Florence Pugh from The Little Drummer Girl, which starts on BBC1 this Sunday.

So, Chris Pine as a Scot? Hmmm…. it’ll be interesting to see how that turns out, and we did get Aussie Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

Outlaw King is released on Netflix on November 9th.

Director: David Mackenzie
Screenplay: Bash Doran, James MacInnes, David Mackenzie
Additional Writing: David Harrower, Mark Bomback
Producers: Gillian Berrie, David Mackenzie
Also stars: Sam Spruell, Tony Curran, Stephen Dillane, James Cosmo

Check out the new trailer below: