Play Expo 2016 – The DVDfever Review

Cosplay was once again a major part of this event, with Replay Events again devoting a catwalk masquerade on both days to those who had dressed up as their favourite characters from movies, videogames and TV, ranging from Street Fighter, World of Warcraft, Pokemon, Overwatch, Tomb Raider and Mortal Kombat, plus many more.

While previously, I’ve occasionally shyed away from asking to take the picture of some cosplayers, as it’s not human nature to just stop someone in the street and ask to take a photo of them, and you see some people walking from A to B, and with a sense of purpose, and you feel bad for stopping them. However, I’ve realised that anyone cosplaying will be happy for you to politely take their picture.

Saturday pictures are below – including the Saturday Cosplay Masquerade dance video, with the Sunday pics on the next page. Note, there wasn’t a dance on the Sunday, as while they played the same music as the judges came to their decisions, there were loads more people on the stage and a lot more chat from the MC that day, so dancing didn’t evolve.

Also below is a brilliant cosplay compilation video from Strong Choice, set to Once In A While by Timeflies.

All my pictures can be seen on my two Facebook albums for Saturday and Sunday.


Danielle Craig (007 Cosplay) as Jade from Mortal Kombat IX


Tasha and Nanayena as Poison and Cammy from Street Fighter


D.Va from Overwatch


Debbie Stevenson as a Death Knight from World of Warcraft


Zara Jane Fox as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider


Samantha Emery as Mercy from Overwatch


Not known


Lester Dickinson as Reptile from Mortal Kombat


The Lara Croft family – Lara, Lara, Larry and Lara
(but one of the Laras had escaped! 🙂 )


Tracer from Overwatch

Play Expo 2016 – Saturday Cosplay Masquerade dance

Play Expo 2016 – Cosplay Masquerade video – Strong Choice


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