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Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson is, as its title states a sequel to Senran Kagura. I never played the first game or heard of it so when I was offered the chance to review the game I had to check it out to find out what I was getting myself into. I had no idea if it was a Japanese RPG, a fighting game or a dance rhythm game. As it turns out, it’s a take on the God Of War scrolling fighting game. I got into God Of War on the PSP so the prospect of playing a GOW-style fighting game with improved visuals was right up my street.

The last quirky Japanese game I played was the survival horror Corpse Party. (Man, I enjoyed that game)

So here we are with Senran Kagura 2 (SK2 from now on) and this game possesses a strong anime influence. The story is of two opposing ninja academies, one good and one evil. During the course of the game you will fight for both teams, which is good for longevity because you get to see the story from both sides. The lines become blurred as the evil characters grow and find themselves. I will say no more than that for fear of giving away spoilers.

There is a training field, which allows basic training co-op training and free training. You can access this before starting any mission. I wish more games offered this, as I tend to forget combos and which button does what in games and it can be offputting to try and pick up where you left off. (Zombi U being a perfect example. I want to complete that game since its recent re-release, but getting to grips with the controls again while facing the perma death of my character is an intimidating prospect) So the option in SK2 means I can pick this game up 6 months from now, dip into to the training and be back up to speed immediately. Good Job!

There are light and heavy attacks that fill a meter, which permits you to use super power ninja arts. These are special moves that do more damage and also see your chosen characters’ clothes explode exposing her underwear before being clad in something more erm racy shall we say.

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Yes, there are several genres of anime. From uber-violent, ultra-cute to adult rated content to name a few. Usually it’s a combination of different types and SK2 falls into the cheap titillation category.
Most, but not all, of the characters you play have huge, overly animated bouncing breasts along the lines of the Dead or Alive games that used to be popular. It’s all a bit tongue-in-cheek.

When you take too many hits you are stripped of your outfits slowly revealing more flesh until your left in only your panties and bra to fight it out. When you win a round you can use the 3DS’ gyroscope to gape at your defeated foes cleavage. As you win you gain outfits, hair styles and accessories in which to dress your character.

You could spend a great deal of time choosing your characters outfits and hairstyles. I’m not entirely sure Western gamers care which colour the all-in-one outfit looks best on their fighter. Perhaps fans of the series, or fans of anime may enjoy taking time away from the main game to dress their character. Some of the poses you can set while trying out your new outfit are questionable, thus if you’re easily offended then this game probably isn’t for you. Checking out your character’s saucy outfit while she poses on all fours during a train journey for instance, would garner you some strange looks indeed.

Other than outfits, completing the main campaign will award you with special missions, these can range from defeating enemies without touching the ground for 60 seconds to deflecting enemy’s projectiles only to defeat them. Completing these missions will earn you extra XP, which in turn increases your health, attack and defence. You will also earn Shinobi stones which can be equipped on your weapons to add range, speed etc. There is also Yoma’s nest, which is a survival mode of sorts. You are required to conquer rooms without replenishing your health. Completing these rooms not only reward you with XP but you can also discover new weapons for your characters.

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