Sirens – Channel 4’s hot new TV comedy drama out on DVD now


“An edgy new medical comedy that is set to SHOCK viewers” – The Sun
“Sweary and smutty but totally brilliant” – Closer

A team of three world-weary male paramedics are forced to confront the dregs of society – not to mention their own inadequacies as Sirens, Channel 4’s hot new TV comedy drama; currently showing on E4 is released on DVD on 12 March 2012, from Universal Playback.

British Comedy Award winner KAYVAN NOVAK (Facejacker, Four Lions), RICHARD MADDEN (Birdsong, Game of Thrones), RHYS THOMAS (Shooting Stars, Bellamy’s People), and AMY BETH HAYES (Secret Diary of a Call Girl) star in the six-part comedy drama set in Leeds from Brian Fillis, (The Curse of Steptoe, An Englishman in New York) inspired by real life ambulance technician Tom Reynolds’ novel – Blood, Sweat and Tea’.

Swept along by an endless tide of bodily fluids (rarely their own), the trio of world-weary paramedics bicker, fight and shag their way through the darkly funny maelstrom of their lives. Behind the uniforms, the sirens and the fast driving, they are three ordinary blokes trying to make it through yet another shift. But once they’ve finished saving other people’s lives, will they be able to salvage their own?

The complete first series box-set has a stretcher full of exclusive material including behind the scene footage, bloopers and exclusive scenes that delve deeper into this dark comedy.

The team deal with late night revelers, attend a major road traffic collision, find their male pride rattled by the lads from the local fire brigade, experience a student’s drug induced paranoia, sex games gone wrong and are confronted with a life and death situation which hits closer to home than expected. To the outside world Stuart, Ashley and Rachid look like angels of mercy; to their colleagues, they’re a trio of pedantic know-alls; and to the career alcoholics and late night revellers on the swarming streets of Leeds, they’re nothing more than glorified taxi drivers with one drop-off point – Accident & Emergency.

Inspired by the NHS and real-life tales from the front-line in health care, be shocked by the edgy and hilarious drama as SIRENS comes to DVD on 12 March 2012.

Richard Madden as Ashley Greenwick – Ashley has been working with Stuart as an EMT Paramedic for just over a year. He’s an independent and private character, but enjoys the company of the other two – though he pretends he doesn’t. Ashley is gay, but has no hang-ups about his sexuality.

Rhys Thomas as Stuart Bayldon – Stuart is clever, cynical and emotionally crippled. His work is his life. As an EMT, Stuart wants to help people but is fed up with people out on the streets of Leeds, getting drunk and having accidents. Stuart is best friends with Maxine, and confides in her much more than Ashley or Rachid. He’s a bit of a know it all and takes lots of chances.

Kayvan Novak as Rachid Mansur – Rachid is the new boy – having just started training as an EMT Paramedic with Stuart and Ashley showing him the ropes. Rachid is funny, cocky and slightly arrogant. He wears his heart on his sleeve and always says exactly what he is thinking.

Amy Beth Hayes as Maxine Fox – Maxine is a 27-year-old police sergeant, who is best mates with Stuart. She often bumps into Stuart, Ashley and Rachid since both jobs require them to be at the scene of an accident. Maxine worked hard to become sergeant, and she’s put up barriers in order to survive in a man’s world. However, her hard exterior masks a deeper vulnerability and genuine sensitivity.

Bonus Material:

    Behind The Scenes
    Race Relations
    Radio Wind Up
    Aping About
    Low Loader
    Purple Phil
    Car Crash
    Read Through


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