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24 Live Another Day Season 9 Episode 6 – The DVDfever Review

24 reaches the halfway point with Episode 6 with the drone strike having taken out some of Navarro’s men, yet Prime Minister Fry is demanding that Heller allows his government to allow full access to all their drone-related info so he can save London and hopefully get re-elected in 2015. Meanwhile, due to the fact […]

Headhunters on Blu-ray – The DVDfever Review

Headhunters stars Aksel Hennie as Roger Brown, a man who, by day, is a headhunter, seeking only the very best man for the top jobs and builds people’s reputations, while by night, breaks into rich people’s houses and steals expensive artworks, replacing them with forgeries, and he says even those which aren’t the greatest won’t […]

London Film Festival 2011 Part 3: The DVDfever Awards (Oct 12th-27th)

AND THE AWARD GOES TO… This was such a richly rewarding London Film Festival that DVDfever split its retrospective coverage in three. In the first two, longer instalments we looked in depth at the movies that you should rush to – or do your best to avoid – and why. And we also gave you […]

London Film Festival 2011 Part 2: Imported Gems (Oct 12th-27th)

London Film Festival 2011 Part 2: Imported Gems: Welcome to the second part of DVDfever’s London Film Festival retrospective. Last time we looked at the big budget and indie movies from the US and UK. In this part we’re mining the rich seam of creativity from everywhere else in the world. From Austria to Argentina, […]

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