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Dark Crimes on DVD – The DVDfever Review

Dark Crimes shows that as much as Jim Carrey can be a great comedian, he excels in drama, and if you’ve never seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, directed by the great visionary that is Michel Gondry, you are missing a treat. As for what sort of crimes can get committed in this world […]

Dark Crimes – Trailer 1 – Jim Carrey

Dark Crimes centres around the murder investigation of a slain business man, which leads to clues found in an author’s book about an eerily similar crime. Jim Carrey takes the lead as Tadek, and looks fantastic in this. I alaways prefer his dramas to his comedies, although The Mask was fantastic. Based on the 2008 […]

Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House – Trailer 1

Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down The White House tells the story of the titular individual (Liam Neeson), who upset the applecart over the whole Watergate affair, and went under the name “Deep Throat” when he helped journalists Bob Woodward (Julian Morris) and Carl Bernstein uncover the whole scandal in 1974. It’s been a […]

Voice from the Stone – Trailer 1 – Emilia Clarke

Voice from the Stone is a haunting and suspenseful romance set in 1950s Tuscany. This Hitchcockian fairy tale stars Emilia Clarke, Marton Csokas, Caterina Murino, Remo Girone, Lisa Gastoni and Edward Dring. High praise, indeed, from the billing, but the trailer for this film, directed by Eric D Howell, from a script by Andrew Shaw, […]

Loving – Official Trailer #1 – Joel Edgerton

Loving centres around the titular-surnamed interracial couple, Richard Loving (Joel Edgerton – Black Mass) and his wife, Mildred (Ruth Negga – Warcraft), who are are sentenced to prison in Virginia in 1958, simply for getting married. Written and directed by Jeff Nichols (Midnight Special), the film also stars Marton Csokas, Nick Kroll, Bill Camp, Alano […]

Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For 3D on Blu-ray – The DVDfever Review

Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For comes 9 years after the release of the first movie, and I can’t pretend that I know a great deal about the Frank Miller stories… in fact, about zero is my sum knowledge, so I review these films on the basis of how they work as films. […]

The Equalizer – Official Trailer #2 – Denzel Washington Movie HD

The Equalizer proves that if you’re in Hollywood and you can’t think of an original idea, just hijack one from the past, and that’s what Denzel Washington is cast in, as Robert McCall, an ordinary man who exacts revenge on those who have wronged others. Instead of being a white middle-class Edward Woodward, who was […]

Noah on Blu-ray – The DVDfever Review

Noah begins with a crash court of biblical mythology about Adam & Eve’s sons, where Cain killed Abel, and something about the Watchers, and temptation leading to sin, and the big man upstairs deciding to send a flood to wash all the scum off the streets… hang on, I’ve veered into Taxi Driver territory. Anyhoo, […]

Sin City A Dame To Kill For – Comic-Con Red Band Trailer – Eva Green Action Thriller HD

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For saw the first trailer released early last month, and now a second one is upon us. This follow-up is directed by both Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez and in it, the town’s most hard-boiled citizens cross paths with some of its more reviled inhabitants. It stars Eva Green, […]

Noah – out on July 28th on Digital HD, video on demand, Blu-ray & DVD

Noah is the one about a man who built a big ark to take a load of animals, when he got word that there was going to be a bit of a flood on the way. Of course, these days, if it happened, the powers that be would no doubt blame it on man-made global […]

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