The Curative and Anti-Depressive Effect of Television Series

The Curative and Anti-Depressive Effect of Television Series The Curative and Anti-Depressive Effect of Television Series: Over the past couple of years, partly due to the global pandemic, we have learned to redefine our personal tastes, our favorite pastimes, choosing to indulge only in those passions that are capable of providing real, distinctly perceptible well-being and enjoyment. External circumstances, such as the long lockdown periods and all the forced closures imposed by governments in order to contain the spread of the virus, forced people to spend a lot of time at home, often without knowing what to do, in a very sad condition in which boredom seemed to be accompanied by an incipient depression, or at least a nagging feeling of anxiety that did not seem to want to go away.

Joy is found in entertainment

As the days went by, people made several efforts to try to find a diversion, a source of distraction that would keep them away, at least for a few hours, from all the unpleasant thoughts related to the pandemic and all its practical consequences, such as the inability to leave the house and meet their friends in some club. A large part of the population has abandoned itself to the use of platforms such as Netflix, which allowed them – in an extremely convenient way – to access a vast assortment of multimedia content that could be easily reproduced, even on their smartphones, thus allowing anyone to spend a few hours of entertainment with their favorite TV series.

Our knowledge of these platforms has therefore been further refined, allowing us to select movies and TV series that are increasingly closer to our real tastes, our real interests. The end result, from this point of view, is there for all to see. Everyone has in fact been able to find at least one television series capable of keeping him afloat, thus avoiding sinking into the darkest depths of a depression with no way out. When we are immersed in the vision of a show that interests us, or that arouses our amusement, we are tenaciously focused on the present, on what is happening right now, without thinking in the least about the concerns of real life (primarily the global pandemic).

An amazing experience

When we stop watching our favorite television series, we feel almost surprised that for one or two hours, in a totally unexpected way, we were able to laugh and feel good, as if we were already in a state of mind close to total serenity. These sensations, not at all illusory, were instead generated by the shows we decided to watch, and that were able, with their effect, to improve (temporarily) the material existence of a person, distancing him from all the fears related to the worst effects of the pandemic.

In this sense, the curative and anti-depressive effect of television series, and by extension of all platforms such as Amazon Prime, becomes absolutely evident, almost indisputable. We are in fact in front of a concrete method to distract people from most of their worries, immersing them completely in the happy dimension of entertainment. What remains to be asked, in front of this kind of multimedia platform, is if the user is really free in choosing his favorite show, and if his autonomy of choice is actually respected by a system that a priori, and in a rather arbitrary way, selects its contents according to obscure criteria, in some cases dictated by the ideological tendencies of the moment, thus accustoming people to select their own methods of entertainment in a substantially unnatural way, because it is based on other people’s tastes and preferences. The days when individuals would go in search of the movies they wanted to see, or the shows that for some reason they absolutely should not miss, seem very far away now, and will probably never return.

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From 2020 to now, amidst the dramas of the global pandemic, we’ve learned a little more about our tastes, our interests, and our individual methods of finding a semblance of peace in an ocean of suffering. But make no mistake: the search is not yet over. It will continue on, day after day, refining itself more and more and allowing us to discover ever new ways to procure our daily salvation.