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Tower Of Guns is a game that’s like Marmite – you will either love it or hate it.

The first thing you will need to get over are the graphics. This isn’t a game to show off the PS4 or Xbox One’s visual abilities to the full. They fall somewhere between Quake and the cel-shaded look of Borderlands… That would be if Borderlands had low-res textures and was set in an industrial-looking tower.

And that’s where the similarities end, though, as unlike Quake and Borderlands, the enemy models in Tower Of Guns lack imagination, being mechanical robot-type hovering objects like mines, tanks and spinning thingies or stationary guns, hence the title.

Gameplay has been described as rogue-like, but what the hell does that mean? Well, I’ll tell you: Rogue-like games tend to involve randomly generated levels, steep difficulty and perma-death. Tower Of Guns has all these elements in spades. The former certainly helps with the latter as you will die a lot, and endlessly retreading the same level, which would’ve got old fast if the game hadn’t mixed up the level each time.

You start off with a terrible weapon so expect quite a few replays early on to enable you to get a better weapon before you can start making progress.

Oh, and the game reminds you each time you die with an on screen tally.

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Tower Of Guns is a frantic first-person shooter with no cut-scenes to drive the story. There is a story of sorts that’s delivered in text, but if you blink you will miss it. The premise is to traverse a level, beat the boss and get through the door to the next randomly-generated level, progressing further up the tower in as quick a time as possible.

The action is fast-paced and you will be dodging bullets while shooting enemies which come swarming from all angles. The bosses are big variations of… Guns, what else. They can be quite tough bullet-sponges, but keep shooting whilst avoiding their endless attack and they will eventually yield a new weapon, plus other pick-ups when they finally go off with a pop.

You can level-up your gun during play by collecting the blue pick-ups dropped to a maximum of Level 5, or a 6th level if you select a perk to enable it. As you take damage, though, this level will drop reducing the damage your gun doles out, making the game more difficult. You can pick a single perk at the beginning of each run which will affect how difficult the game is, such as a triple jump or ‘no fall damage’. You can also pick up other perks during the game which can be stacked, but beware, some of the dropped perks can have a detrimental affect like making the game harder.

The sound in the game is decent enough, with constant explosions to go along with the perpetual shooting from your weapon, and all the while there’s a catchy tune throbbing away in the background. It does the job, nothing more nothing less.

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