Trinity Trigger on Nintendo Switch – The DVDfever Review

Trinity TriggerTrinity Trigger Trinity Trigger

Trinity Trigger is the new JRPG from Three Rings, who are under the larger FURYU Corporation, which I don’t know a great deal about. They have released a load of Japan-only games since 2009, plus a few games on different systems since 2011 in the West, favouring PC, Sony and Nintendo machines.

I hadn’t really heard much about this title until I saw a review of it on Switch Up, for the North American release and just wanted to get my hands on it!

The story, itself, sees age-old gods of Chaos and Light fighting, which ends up with a huge sword falling from the sky. Battles from then on would be fought by champions, who are folk born with the mark of one of the gods in their eye. The main character has the mark of Chaos, but wants nothing to do with the destruction of the world, so sets out with two companions who you will meet early on, to stop himself from causing said destruction.

The gameplay sees you venturing to numerous locales, including dungeons, forests and snowy mountains. Each area you visit has its own self-contained map to explore, which isn’t too big. Any chests you find show up on the map, so you get an idea of where you have been. The combat is squarely in the Action RPG genre, unlike many other JRPGs which use various forms of a turn-based system.

You can switch between the three main characters who each have their own style, the main character, himself, using swords, while the female uses a bow, and the third uses large two-handed weapons. While fighting the numerous enemies, you have a circle above your head which essentially is your stamina. If you run out while fighting, your attacks do a lot less damage, and you may struggle to roll out the way.

Trinity Trigger – Gameplay Walkthrough – DeltaShinyZeta

The weapons have the Triggers in the title, which are small animals that will follow you around and buff your weapon. The first one you find turns your sword into a fire sword, which is needed to take down the first boss you encounter. There are other Triggers to find, as you explore the world, each with their own unique benefits. On top of this, you can customise weapon attacks and armour with stones (like socketing gems in Diablo), adding buffs to your equipment.

Visually, Trinity Trigger is beautiful. It has a Chibi art style, which you will have seen used on the Studio Ghibli movies such as Spirited Away. The world-building is absolutely excellent, and the characters’ detail looks fitting. The sound is what you would expect from a JRPG, with orchestral-type music playing up-tempo when in a battle.

Everything just works great together, with the visuals and sound design. Even the English dubbing is superb, which historically, can be all over the place in both movies and games.

Overall, I have loved my time with Trinity Trigger. I am still yet to finish it, due to other projects on the go, but I will be continuing to play this through to completion. If you like The Secret of Mana or the Link’s Awakening Remake, then you will love this new release just as much. It’s one of those gems that tuns up every so often, and it hooks you from the very start.

Thanks to our friends at XSEED Games and Marvelous USA Inc for the review code.

Trinity Trigger is out now on Nintendo Switch and PS5, plus PS4 and Steam.

Trinity Trigger – Launch Trailer – XSEED Games

Important info:

  • Developer: FURYU Corporation
  • Publisher: XSEED Games, Marvelous USA Inc.
  • Players: Single player only, Co-op