Warren Episode 1 – The DVDfever Review – Martin Clunes

Warren is played by Martin Clunes.

He’s grumpy. He gets annoyed when the petrol pump doesn’t go to exactly £30.00, and it goes over by 7p.

Quite frankly, I prefer going over, since it stands out on my bank statement.

He gets annoyed because one of his stepsons wants to upgrade from dial-up to broadband.
He gets annoyed because the other stepson wants a free driving lesson.
He gets annoyed because that stepson expects to be able to actually DRIVE the car, but Warren won’t let him.
He gets annoyed because he has to give anyone driving lessons because he’s a driving instructor.
He gets annoyed because he wants to fly-tip but it’s not legal.
He gets annoyed because his neighbours have a new hot-tub.
He gets annoyed because his neighbours are doing a load of noisy building work.
He gets annoyed because his neighbours are always doing one better than him.
He gets annoyed because he’s arranged a job interview for the latter stepson at the gardening centre, and the lad is ungrateful.
He gets annoyed because he ends up being served by said stepson at said gardening centre.
He gets annoyed because he can’t get his stepson’s staff discount at said gardening centre.

However, he is NOT Victor Meldrew, and I’m annoyed from having spent 30 minutes watching this.

Meanwhile, writers Jimmy Donny Cosgrove and Paul McKenna tried to create a role for wife Anne by putting her in an improbable scene with a crap medium. In fact, Warren is full of endless, improbable scenes. God knows how Martin Clunes thought the script must’ve been too funny to pass up on… clearly, it must’ve come with a big wad of cash tied to it.

Kudos to Peggy Woolley for her tweet, tonight, which is below.

Warren continues next Monday on BBC1 at 9pm. The series is not yet available to pre-order on either Blu-ray or DVD. No-one will mourn that.

You can watch each episode on BBC iPlayer for 30 days after transmission.

Warren – Series Trailer

Episode 1 Score: 0/10

Director: Ben Gosling Fuller
Producer: Tom Jordan
Executive Producers: Helen Williams, Jimmy Mulville
Writers: Jimmy Donny Cosgrove, Paul McKenna

Warren: Martin Clunes
Anne: Lisa Millett
Charlie: Tim Preston
Danny: Oscar Morgan
Ian: Neil Edmond
Paula: Maya Sondhi
Liz: Martine Brown