Woman Walks Ahead – Trailer 1 – Jessica Chastain

Woman Walks Ahead Woman Walks Ahead is one of those period movies that looks like it could’ve been made with an eye towards the Oscars and BAFTAs, but completely missed the mark by being interminably dull.

The story follows Catherine Weldon (Jessica Chastain), who moved from Brooklyn to the Standing Rock Reservation in Dakota Territory to help Sioux chieftain Sitting Bull keep the land for his people. Weldon wrote letters to the federal government on behalf of Sitting Bull and lived on the land for several years with her son.

If it looks like your bag, then you’ll most likely enjoy it, but it’s not for me, even if the writer, Steven Knight, did also write Tom Hardy’s superb 2014 movie, Locke, where only Hardy is onscreen the entire time, and he’s driving on the motorway, but it’s great. Trust me.

Woman Walks Ahead is released in the US on June 29th, but as of yet, there’s no UK date.

Director: Susanna White
Also stars: Michael Greyeyes, Ciarán Hinds, Sam Rockwell, Bill Camp, Michael Nouri, David Midthunder.

Check out the trailer below and click on the poster for the full-size version: