Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank – Official Trailer

Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank is a phrase that will spring to mind of every Alan Partridge fan up and down the land, as the failed radio and TV host spat out the random title amongst others in a disastrous meeting with Tony Hayers (David Schneider) back when he couldn’t get a second series of Knowing Me Knowing You With Alan Partridge due to the accidental murder of one of the guests in the final episode, the presenter played by Steve Coogan, of course.

Another was “Monkey Tennis”, which was subsequently made into a level of Super Monkey Ball 2 on the Nintendo Gamecube, but of course the one we were all waiting for was one featuring Christopher Livingstone Eubanks, the boxing legend who held world titles in world titles at middleweight and super middleweight levels.

Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank is coming soon… maybe… as the trailer says. Let’s hope so! (or could it just be a plug for Hostelworld?)

Check out the trailer below: