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armikrog Armikrog redefines the word “bizarre” with you as Tommynaught, a man who stores items in his stomach and is accompanied by a dog called Beak-Beak. Pointing and clicking around the environment is the order of the day with each room being a different colour, rather reminding me of the Simpsons’ house. I once saw someone’s house painted that way and while it seemed a cool idea at first, it would probably give me a headache if I lived there. Perhaps in this world, that’s what’s made Tommynaught’s eyes look like dark glasses.

The game is a series of baffling puzzles in a madcap world, but it can also be frustrating when, for example, I came across a room with a green door (and no sign of Shakin’ Stevens). I got my Beak-Beak to sit on the button which opened it, but once I came out of that room and needed to go back in, I had a hell of a time trying to get him simply to go back on the button!

All at the same time, while I found Armikrog to be very inventive, it was also just way too much of a brain-bender and not intuitive at all. I don’t expect a game to hold my hand throughout – some games can feel too much like that – but all too often it just left me in the dark.

I’ve included an example gameplay video below where I solved a particular puzzle early on, but note that of the three symbols I needed, I’ve cut this video down to a later section of my gameplay, such that while you’d normally find these symbols in the order they’re required, here, they’re in reverse order since I wanted to show them all in the same video. Also note that, some cases, the clues can change from game to game, so watching a video online won’t always provide the answers!

That’s probably confused you even more.

Anyhoo, if you like point-and-click with puzzles, then this will be for you. Personally, I loved the claymation graphics and it plays incredibly fluidly on my PC, and there’s a neat score in the background, but beyond that, it’s not really one for me.

Armikrog is out now on PC Steam, OS X and Linux, with PlayStation 4 and Wii U versions TBA. Click on the above image for the full-size version.

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Armikrog – example gameplay (1080p HD, 60fps, DTS5.1) – PC

Important info:

  • Publisher: Versus Evil
  • Players: single player
  • HDTV options: up to 1080p
  • Sound: DTS 5.1

Producers: Ed Schofield and Lance James
Designers: Mike Dietz, Ed Schofield and Doug TenNapel
Programmers: LoongWei Ding and Pip Robbins
Artists: Andrew Erickson, Bree Paulsen, Cameron Stradling, Derek Roberts, Doug TenNapel, Gregory Leysens and Samantha Cadier
Writers: Doug TenNapel, Mike Dietz and Ed Schofield
Music: Terry Scott Taylor


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