Boo! Greedy Kid on PC / Steam – The DVDfever Review

Boo! Greedy Kid

Boo! Greedy Kid is a game which has you controlling a small boy who takes pleasure in scaring people to death – or at least passing out, and coughing up their money.

Across 99 levels in a brilliantly-designed retro 8-bit-style layout, with doors to go through, and bookcases to hide inside to avoid getting killed (just take 3 hits in any level – although you will restart the same level), it made me feel a little reminiscent of Ocean’s Frankie Goes To Hollywood – an entirely different entity, but one where you can only see a strip of graphics across the screen and have to make your way along, checking things out.

One of the hardest people to get past is a blue-suited cop with a zapper – although there’s another who’ll shoot at you, and there’s also the SAS to deal with, while the old ladies don’t pose much resistance. Use closeable doors to your advantage to stop baddies like the guards from seeing you, although you have to be in exactly the right place to do this, and only if the door’s pointing in the right way.

Some levels have more than one set of floors to them, adding to the complexity, making this more ingenious than first thought, so pick your chosen area first, depending where you think the guard will track you down the least, if you can see them about to come through.

With fluids graphics and ’80s-style 8-bit audio, it’s quite mindbending at times, but while it definitely has that “Just one more go” factor, it does get a touch too maddening at times and you have to take a step back.

All that said, it’s 99 levels of gaming goodness and costing a mere £3.99, so it’s a no-brainer. Get it bought!

Score: 7/10

Boo! Greedy Kid is out now on PC/Steam.

Boo! Greedy Kid – Gameplay video – DVDfeverGames

Important info:

  • Publisher: Plug In Digital
  • Developer: Flying Oak Games
  • Players: single player