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Hannibal is an intriguing series.

It tells the story of Dr Hannibal Lecter, who first came to the screen through Brian Cox, but cinema fans will most likely associate the character with the chilling portrayal by Anthony Hopkins. As TV drama serials are now “the place to be” for our mighty actors and actresses, who is the actor of choice for the role? The wonderful Mads Mikkelsen, who always puts in a great performance, as can be seen in Casino Royale, Flame & Citron and The Green Butchers.

In this series, Hannibal hasn’t yet been sussed out for who he really is, although hints are given early on, such as him inviting people to an elaborate dinner – lying to them about the meat they’re sitting down to eat, which turn to blatant obviousness later – but such is the art of story-building. We see him building his relationship with patient and FBI criminal profiler Will Graham, who kind-of channels what happened at a crime scene to learn how the victims ended up the way they did, and we see their dead bodiesreform back into living ones as the so-far unseen footage is reversed. Will’s clearly a bit of a disturbed individual, played superbly by Hugh Dancy, because we occasionally see his bizarre hallucigenic visions that he gets from time to time.

The murders often have a fresh and inventive look to them – and almost every episode of Hannibal has a separate murder to be solved, which makes me care rather less for seeing more psychobabble chatter between the characters, which tends to dominate some episodes and makes them drag, although there is a season-long story arc about a nasty piece of work called Garett Jacob Hobbs who killed eight girls. His daughter Abigail survives an abduction, when another disturbed individual starts planting women in the ground, alive, with a view to letting them reconnect with nature. However, when similar murders to Hobbs’ continue to happen, is there a copycat killer doing the rounds?

And for one of the episodes, a body is found in a hotel bathroom that looks identical to the one in The Shining


The cast is rounded out by Laurence Fishburne as Jack Crawford, FBI head honcho, who asks Will to work his magic on deducing what happens at crime scenes, Caroline Dhavernas as Dr. Alana Bloom, the flame-haired Lara Jean Chorostecki as Freddie Lounds, a female journalist who writes for tattlecrime.com and Hettienne Park who plays Beverly Katz, a colleague to both Will and Jack who seems to be there only to fill in the numbers, rather than serve a distinct purpose, generally giving Will someone to moan about Jack to and little else.

There’s some great writing that shows the similarities between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter, while there are some characters in Dr Lecter’s psychiatrist chair who I find of more interest than others, with some making me wish for the next scene to begin.

When it comes to the films, initially I liked Silence of the Lambs, but felt that it didn’t stand up to repeated viewings. Hannibal was a much better film, and I always enjoy a re-watch of that. However, Manhunter, and its remake, Red Dragon, have never worked for me.

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  • Richard Eckley

    We always seem to get stiffed when it comes to the extras – it’s like they think people in the UK only want to watch the programme so why bother putting anything else on the disc!

    I expect the Gag Reel will end up on YouTube though.

  • Agreed with all your comments. And both of the two extras we do get here, were also up on Youtube (officially) but yep, the Gag Reel will no doubt end up unofficially on there.

  • Olivia Kirby

    Well this is the best TV show ever made. Well, this and Ashes to Ashes and Twin Peaks. I really hope somebody makes a 4th series. It’s so frustrating how low the ratings are for this.

  • Olivia Kirby

    PS Am watching Casino Royale now, my husband loves Bond, and I love Mads. So all is good here.

  • I didn’t watch any more only because I just don’t have time to watch everything (as much as I try 🙂 but it’s possible another network might pick it up. ABC picked up Scrubs after NBC dumped it after season 7.

    Also, Amazon made series 3 of Ripper Street after the BBC cancelled it.

  • Mads is a great actor, and Casino Royale was definitely Craig’s best Bond film to date. Quantum was average, and I thought Skyfall was mostly terrible. Loved the pre-credits sequence, but from the credits onwards, I didn’t like much of it for many reasons mentioned in the review 🙂

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