Play Expo 2016 – The DVDfever Review

There were many Pinball machines once again – at least 50 or 60, but I didn’t countt them all, and while I took a stack of pictures, I didn’t get to play all of them.

The machines below and many more are including in my Facebook pinball album.

First up, was one of my new favourite pinballs – Dirty Harry. Very responsive, lots going on, and great fun to play.


The Addams Family was one I didn’t get to play, but I really should queue up for it next time. You can see why it looks a treat. Not only are you sat in a big chair, but there’s an element of the game that makes you look like you’re in an ELECTRIC CHAIR and about to fry!


Terminator 2: Judgment Day (should be ‘Judgement’, James Cameron, but it’s 25 years too late for that, now) is always a pleasure to get stuck into.


And, last but not least, Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I played a few games of this, including towards the end of the Sunday (Note: unlike the arcades, the pinball machines can’t be switched off mid-game for obvious reasons, but if I hadn’t broken away from it just after 6pm, then I’d still be playing it now).

This machine was also streamed live via the Pinball_Live Twitch channel. I assumed it was happening for the whole weekend, but just checking their stream now, I see it was for almost the last three hours on the Saturday. Hence, you can’t see me doing badly 😉 There are some great camera shots on the table, though, so it’s very entertaining to watch.

Also, this was the first time all weekend when I finished any pinball game and the ‘Match’ thing at the end – matching up the final two digits of my score with two apparently random digits that the machine’s just thought of – actually worked in my favour! Of course, since all the machines were set to free play, you could say this was irrelevant, but when it happens so rarely, it’s a great victory 🙂

Go to page 7 for some PS4 games.


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