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Annihilation Teaser 1 – Natalie Portman

Annihilation centres around a biologist (Natalie Portman, simply known as The Biologist, like everyone else in the cast when it comes to their profession), who signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition where the laws of nature don’t apply. In an alien-style world and landscape, I was reminded of 2016’s Arrival, in terms of weirdness […]

LBJ – Trailer 1 – Woody Harrelson

LBJ stars an almost unrecognisable Woody Harrelson as President Lyndon B Johnson, who came to power earlier than expected after JFK (Jeffrey Donovan) was assassinated on November 22nd 1963. It takes in his young days in West Texas up to the White House, and centres on the political upheaval when the Vice President Johnson was […]

Good Time – Trailer 1 – Robert Pattinson

Good Time centres around bank robber Dash (Barkhad Abdi – Captain Phillips), who finds himself unable to evade those who are looking for him. He’s accompanies by his brother, Connie (Robert Pattinson), and it’s difficult to get an exact handle on everything that’s going on in the trailer, but it does look like an engaging […]

Anomalisa on Blu-ray – The DVDfever Review

Anomalisa centres around Michael Stone (David Thewlis), a man in his 50s, and a self-help guru who has travelled to Cincinatti to give a talk on customer service. His life is boring and he can’t find a way to break out of it, but like all of us who can be bored with our lot […]

Morgan – Official Teaser Trailer #1 – Kate Mara

Morgan is definitely a character who looks to be a suitable case for treatment in what appears as an intriguing sci-fi thriller starting with this teaser which gives away just enough to tempt you, and stars Kate Mara as a corporate risk-management consultant who has to decide and determine whether or not to terminate an […]

OSCARS 2016 Nominations announced!

The OSCARS 2016 will take place on Sunday February 28th and will be broadcast on Sky in the middle of the night if you’re in the UK. The nominations are as follows: Best Picture: The Big Short Bridge of Spies Brooklyn Mad Max: Fury Road (review) The Martian (review) The Revenant (review) Room Spotlight Best […]

BAFTA 2016 nominations announced!

The BAFTA 2016 Awards will take place on Sunday February 8th and will be broadcast on BBC1 that evening. The nominations are as follows and, as usual, they include a stack of films which haven’t even been released yet! Click on all the images below for the full-size version. Best Film The Big Short Bridge […]

The Hateful Eight – The DVDfever Review – Quentin Tarantino’s latest gun-show is a huge misfire

The Hateful Eight starts with two of the octet, hangman John Ruth (Kurt Russell) taking his prisoner, Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh), to Red Rock to hang. What’s her crime? Well, you’ll find that out eventually, but for a film that runs almost three hours in its standard form, it takes almost 90 minutes before […]

Anomalisa – Official Trailer #1 – Charlie Kaufman

Anomalisa is Charlie Kaufman‘s first stop-motion film, about a man crippled by the mundanity of his life. The lead character, Michael Stone, is voiced by David Thewlis (The Zero Theorem, An Inspector Calls) and other voices include Jennifer Jason Leigh as Lisa, and Tom Noonan as “Everyone else”. Charlie Kaufman, who co-directs with Duke Johnson, […]

The Hateful Eight – Official Trailer #1 – Kurt Russell

The Hateful Eight brings together eight bounty hunters in post-Civil War Wyoming, who try to find shelter during a blizzard, but get involved in a plot of betrayal and deception. The question posed is – will they survive? And now the official trailer has been released. My question is – Can this actually improve upon […]

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