LBJ – Trailer 1 – Woody Harrelson

LBJ LBJ stars an almost unrecognisable Woody Harrelson as President Lyndon B Johnson, who came to power earlier than expected after JFK (Jeffrey Donovan) was assassinated on November 22nd 1963.

It takes in his young days in West Texas up to the White House, and centres on the political upheaval when the Vice President Johnson was forced into the limelight. With political battles on both sides of the aisle, Johnson struggles to heal a nation and secure his presidency by passing Kennedy’s historic Civil Rights Act.

LBJ is released in the US on November 3rd, but as of yet there’s no UK date. I am looking forward to it, however.

Director: Rob Reiner
Writer: Joey Hartstone
Also stars: Jennifer Jason Leigh, C Thomas Howell, Rich Sommer, Bill Pullman, Richard Jenkins, Michael Mosley, Wallace Langham and as Robert F Kennedy.

Check out the trailer below and click on the top image for the full-size version.