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Vengeance: A Love Story – Win on Blu-ray – COMPETITION and 101 Films have teamed up to give you a chance to win a copy of Vengeance: A Love Story, released today on Blu-ray, DVD and Digitally. There are three Blu-rays up for grabs in this competition! Niagra Falls police detective and Iraq war veteran John Dromoor (Nicolas Cage – USS Indianapolis: Men of […]

Vengeance: A Love Story on Blu-ray – The DVDfever Review

Vengeance: A Love Story is a gritty thriller which its lead, Nicolas Cage, was originally slated to direct, but instead chose to produce alongside Michael Mendelsohn, who also took the same reins with Cage’s recent wartime real-life drama, USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage. Dom Robinson Reviewer of movies, videogames and music since 1994. Aortic valve […]

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage on Blu-ray – The DVDfever Review

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage looks at the period in World War II from March 31st, 1945 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour, leading to the titular ship exporting its devastating payload to Hiroshima, but it’s a so top secret a mission that they’re not getting any cover – since if they had a fleet […]

Arsenal Official Trailer 1 – Nicolas Cage

Arsenal is nothing to do with the football team, comprising of men kicking a bag of wind about, this relates to an arsenal of weaponry. Nicolas Cage and John Cusack team up again for the third time following 1997’s Con Air and 2013’s The Frozen Ground, although they’re not in leading roles as it centres […]

Snowden – The DVDfever Cinema Review

Snowden… Edward Snowden… the guy who spilled all of the CIA’s secrets about snooping on civilians. George W. Bush did nothing to stop it, and then when Barack Obama took over the Presidency, he vowed to stamp it out… and just ramped it up. Remember that if you’re wishing that he could serve a third […]

Dog Eat Dog – The DVDfever Cinema Review

Dog Eat Dog centres on three ex-cons, who’ve spent a great deal of their life in prison, resulting in them each having two strikes, meaning a third arrest will send them down for life with no parole. Hence, it’s time for a job which will be ‘one last hurrah’. They’re hired by a Cleveland mafioso […]

Dog Eat Dog – Official Trailer 1 – Nicolas Cage

Dog Eat Dog tells the story of three men, just fresh out of prison and trying to get back to civilian life. The California three strikes law looms over them, but what the hell, they’re going to do it, and they’re going to do it their way. Troy (Nicolas Cage), an aloof mastermind, seeks an […]

Snowden – Official Trailer #1 – Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Shailene Woodley

# Snowden, Edward Snowden, he’s the dumbest spy in history, From North, Carolina, he went on to join the CIA, One night, when he was clearly pissed, he showed classified NSA documents to a group of journalists, When you’re, with Ed Snowden, have a gabber-gabber-do-time, a gabber-do-time, you’ll spill all their se-crets! # The main […]

The Trust – Official Trailer #1 – Elijah Wood, Nicolas Cage

The Trust stars Elijah Wood and Nicolas Cage as police officers David Waters and Jim Stone, ignored by everyone as their sit in their dull administrative jobs, making extra money on the side by selling stolen Civil Service Exams to other officers. When Stone hears a story about a heroin dealer quickly beating his extremely […]

Pay the Ghost – Official Trailer #1 – Nicolas Cage

Pay the Ghost is the new Nicolas Cage movie, released in time for Halloween where his son gets snatched and he thinks the lad has gone to some mysterious place along with all the other kids who go missing at Halloween. Pay the what? Yes, exactly. What a stupid name for a film. Will he […]

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