Tesco ditch carrier bags and ruin everyone’s lives

Tesco “Tesco! Tesco! Where The Best Go!” once went a song by an ex-employee (below), but while I frequent there for my main food shopping every few weeks (I have a huge USA fridge freezer), heading to Aldi and Lidl in the meantime for my weekly fruit and veg, if there’s one thing I rely upon, it’s Tesco’s reasonably strong so-called “single-use” plastic bags.

Why “so-called”? Because I use them multiple times, often to carry my lunch from home to work. Yes, they end up in the main bin, eventually, but not until they’ve been put to good use. Some people even use them as an easy way to scoop up the cat plop.

In yet another form of control on our lives, the powers that be decreed in October 2015 that we’d have to pay 5p for each bag used. Occasionally, I’d stick it to the man, take a bag and tell the machine I had zero bags. Unknowing staff wouldn’t have seen, and so I got away with my master crime!

After all, for all my life plastic bags had been free, until so-called “man-made global warming” doom-mongers moaned that we were clogging up the planet with these, as if they were ALL being thrown into the sea.

Hence, I don’t want to be decanting an entire six-weeks’ worth of shopping from my car into other bags to take into the house, and if I go for delivery, I’m sure the drivers don’t want to wait while I do the same thing.

I’ve already seen some people online say that Tesco must have to reverse this decision because shoppers will just go elsewhere due to the inconvience.

And, at Tesco, they won’t be able to recreate the carrier bag scene from American Beauty, either.

So, we’ll now have to pay 10p for a “bag for life”, which will then become 20p, and then a pound and one day, £1000! I won’t pay it!

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  • Iain Metcalf

    We use the 5p bags to line the wastebins in our house, why Tesco have decided to do this is bizarre. Yeah I understand the whole pay for 10p bag which when it’s past it’s best you take it back and they replace it but you don’t always need the larger 10p bags.

    We now mainly use Morrisons for all our main shopping

  • Profiteering. It’s just so they can sell more of their more expensive bags.

    Someone suggested they use paper bags. I once got some clothes from Primark which they put in a paper bag. It fell apart before I got it home, which was no good on the train 🙁

  • Iain Metcalf

    You can take the 10p bags back though when they are worn out and they get replaced for free, so it kind of works as it is a bag for life type thing.

    I do wonder though like you have said, yeah the bags are 10p but I wouldn’t be surprised if they put the prices up and stopped the free replacements.

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