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Stockport Council – The worst council in the world… ever?

Stockport Council are useless at the best of times, such as when they take areas of grass which soak up the rain, and replace them with pavement, so the water can’t go anywhere natural, and should normally go down the grids in the roads, but read on… And now they clearly don’t care about anyone […]

Christchurch shootings could end Facebook Live

The Christchurch shootings are one hell of a tragedy, and is has led to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern taking the unprecedented step of the State footing the bill for the funerals of all of the victims. All that said, I think it could possibly bring about the end of Facebook Live. Dom RobinsonReviewer […]

Amber Rudd vs Diane Abbott – Everyone’s quick to take offence in 2019

Amber Rudd a Tory MP (right), today, referred to Labour MP Diane Abbott (left) as “coloured”, as reported by The New Statesman. Dom RobinsonReviewer of movies, videogames and music since 1994. Aortic valve operation survivor from the same year. Running since 2000. Nobel Peace Prize winner 2021.

Robney McPlum (aka Ian) – My psychotic stalker – another Twitter account suspended!

Hey, Robney McPlum, aka Ian, after you trolled and harrassed me and other people with tweets aplenty from your @PugnaciousDee Twitter account, look what’s happened! You’ve been suspended! Bwaahhahahhahahhahahhahhhahahahhahahahahhah! Look above and below, and you can even click on the above one for a bigger image. Keep doing this, and I’ll keep getting your trolling […]

Britney Spears at Brighton Pride – “Hey, I’m bare, me, one more time!”

Britney Spears – Am I the only one who thinks she should stop showing us her naked flesh? Britney Spears came onto the music scene in 1999 with the then-ground-breaking music video, “(Hit Me) Baby One More Time” where she dressed in a schoolgirl outfit, sending the blood-pressure soaring of a lot of men in […]

Embargo Breakers – Why it hurts everyone!

Embargo Breakers – Why it hurts everyone who writes AND reads reviews for both films and videogames (although I talk about videogames, here). PR companies sometimes set an embargo date/time for reviews to go live, but why? And if someone breaks it, why does it matter? Well, I shall tell you, and if also affects […]

Facebook Page reviews – easily open to abuse

Facebook Page reviews are something that might sound like a good idea. I’ve had to switch off the Reviews section for this Page, following the actions of a troll called Alex Watkins (right), from Youtube channel Edge Of Your Seat, who was on my friends list, but until whenever he disagreed with anything, he started […]

Dreamcastguy vs RGT 85: Who’ll reach 100k Youtube subscribers first?

Dreamcastguy vs RGT 85: I’ll state first of all, that I’m a big fan of both of these Youtubers. While my DVDfeverGames channel only has almost 1250 subscribers at the time of posting, and still growing, these two have been rapidly increasing in hits and subs, whilst also both pumping out great content. As I […]

RIP Alfie Evans and my thoughts on this case

RIP Alfie Evans. An inevitable end to a tragic situation, but the doctors and the law have to put the child first, in such a situation, and uplifting him to another country would’ve caused him unnecessary suffering and would not have extended his quality of life. Dom RobinsonReviewer of movies, videogames and music since 1994. […]

Superhero movies – I think I’m done…?

Superhero movies are reaching the end with me, or I might be there already. I thought – I’ll catch up on Thor: Ragnarok as I didn’t fancy that at the time it was in the cinema, as I’d just seen Thor and Thor: The Dark World to catch up and found those quite boring and […]

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