5 Incredible Horses Whose Story Could Be A Movie

5 Incredible Horses Whose Story Could Be A Movie 5 Incredible Horses Whose Story Could Be A Movie: Horse racing is one of the most exciting sports on the planet and there is a good reason for that. Even though most horse races last for around 2 minutes, the sheer excitement of the tough competition and uncertainty of the outcome makes horse racing one of the most thrilling sports to watch.

There are plenty of movies about horse racing, like the 2010 movie Secretariat, about the most famous Triple Crown winner of all time, or the 2003 one, with Tobey Maguire on the leading role, while he takes the reigns of Seabiscuit.

This movie is known to be one of the best performances of Tobey’s career and as you can see in this Twinspires article about Seabiscuit horse, the movie tells the story based on real-life events.

Nowadays, horse racing is also a very competitive sport where everything is possible. Throughout the long history of horse racing, we’ve witnessed many impossible scenarios where an underdog horse climbed to the throne and won the race.

Since anyone loves a sappy story about a dark horse overcoming all odds, here we look at five horses whose stories could be put on the big screen any time soon. They all beat impossible odds to conquer important victories and cement their place in history.

Take a look and who knows: maybe Ridley Scott or Steven Spielberg might be reading as well. You’re welcome, guys!

He Knows No Fear (300/1)

The results of every race heavily depend on the abilities and mood of the horse. In some cases, horses can display a sense of fear when they are running on the track, and some might even get scared when they pull up at a fence.

Additionally, the odds that the bookmakers give the horse might also impact their performance, but the owners of He Knows No Fear must really stay true to their horse’s name after they’ve been given odds of 300/1 or in other words, no realistic chance of winning.

The odds were perfectly explainable by the bookmakers since the horse finished 12th in the field out of 14 in the last race.

However, He Knows No Fear managed to ignite hirs racing abilities and take the win by a head from 98-rated Agitare, and also set the record for the longest odds in horse racing history previously held by Equinocital with 250/1.

Sawbuck (300/1)

This year has been exciting in the horse racing industry with many shocking results and thrilling races, especially in May. If you thought that the winner of the Kentucky Derby this year, Rich Strike with 80/1 was impressive, wait until you hear the story about Sawbuck.

The four-year-old won the Bar One Racing Quick Deposit & Withdraw Maiden Hurdle with 300/1 odds, and set a new record for the longest odd horse winner for jump racing. The horse was even given a 400/1 odds before the race but managed to storm through its competition and claim the victory.

Dandy Flame (200/1)

Being a novice horse in the fierce horse racing world doesn’t earn you much respect. However, Dandy Flame proved the bookmakers wrong by winning the FCL Global Forwarding Making Logistics Personal Maiden Stakes.

This was a true shock just because in his past couple of races the horse finished last and continued this tradition after his impressive win, which proves that the bookmakers weren’t far off.

Theodore (200/1)

Since we are making a list of the biggest horse names that managed to go against all odds, it is hard not to include the record holder for the longest-priced winner in any British Classic, Theodore.

Most people would think that this is a bookie mistake considering that he won his second race, and had an impressive result as a 3-year-old. However, they gave him such long odds just because of his poor health condition.

Two days later, Theodore got a poor result on the same track which sparked up allegations of race-fixing.

Killahara Castle (200/1)

Ireland is a country that is well-known for its horse racing, but it seems like the bookies in this country are much more stable in terms of odd predictions than their English counterparts. It was going well for them until Killahara Castle decided to run at Thurles as a 6-year-old with no previous wins.

Killahara Castle started the lead strong at the race and managed to finish it in style by getting in front by 5 lengths. This was Ireland’s highest odd horse win in history.