6 Asian Gambling Movies Worth Watching

6 Asian Gambling Movies Worth Watching 6 Asian Gambling Movies Worth Watching: Gambling movies are a high octane watching experience because they bring the excitement of gambling to your living room. Hollywood isn’t the only way you can watch great films based on the gambling world; there are plenty of movies in Asia that portray it, as well. There are literally hundreds to choose from with interesting protagonists and smart antagonists. We’ve found the best Asian gambling films available, and you should definitely check them out after reading this list.

From Vegas to Macau

Also known as “The Man From Macau, this film is a Hong King-Chinese production crime comedy directed by Wong Jing, and stars Nicholas Tse, Chow Yun-fat, Jing Tian and Chapman To.

Benz, along with his son “Cool” and nephew Ngau-Ngau are a part of a vigilante group that rob gangsters and distribute the loot to the needy. You’ve probably heard this story before as Robin Hood, so you’ve likely familiar with this premise. Gambling plays a part in the story near the middle as a means of taking down the antagonist of the story. It’s also used as a means to get out information so the protagonist can save one of the characters.

God of Gamblers

Another Hong Kong action drama, this film is often considered one of the best movies ever made and for a good reason. Also directed by Wong Jing, and features stars Andy Lau and Chow Yun-fat.

Ko Chun is a famous gambler, and is so renowned for his skills that he is known as the “God of Gamblers”. His identity is secret despite him going to public competitions. Ko Chun goes to Tokyo and beats the top Japanese gambler known as Tanaka in multiple games and eventually asks Ko Chun to help him get revenge on Chan Kam-Sing. Chan Kam-Sing is the “Demon of Gamblers” and often cheats his way to the top. Try a casino online if you’d like to gamble after watching this movie.

The Conman

Wong Ting really likes to make gambling movies, but he’s fantastic at it. The Conman, also known as Knight of Gamblers 1999 features stars Natalis Chan, Meggie Yu, Kelly Lin and Alex Man.

Main character King stays at his mistress’ place, and his pregnant wife Fanny finds them both. Fanny leaves King, and King decides to gamble with cars. When his assistant Chimney figures out he’s being recorded, and he starts a fight with King. King pulls a knife on his for self-defence, which lands him in prison for manslaughter. While in prison, King learns horse racing skills which he puts to use after his five-year-long imprisonment.

6 Asian Gambling Movies Worth Watching
Tazza: The High Rollers

A film out of South Korea, Tazza is directed by Choi Dong-Hoon and is based on the manhwa of the same name by Kim Se-yeong and Huh Young-man. Features stars Cho Seung-Woo, Yoo-Hae-jin, Hye-su Kim (above) and Baek Yoon-Sik. High Rollers was a massive critical success and became one of South Korea’s most top-grossing films.

Goni (the main protagonist) lost all of his savings, including money he stole from his family, after being swindled by professional gamblers known for cheating. To get his money back, Goni begins to train under one of the best gamblers in Korea, Mr. Pyeong. He becomes famous and has a love affair with Jeong, who soon gets arrested. After this, Goni becomes partners with pro Gwang.

Poker King

Poker King is a recent Hong-Kong comedy film directed by Chan Hing-Kai and was pretty popular at the time. It features an all-star cast of Louis Koo and Sean Lau.

Uno, played by Lau Ching Wan, is a crook that turns into a casino magnate and Jack, is a member of a powerful gambling clan. Even though these two lead different lives, they both meet up with each other for the poker duel of a lifetime. They both meet in Macau, also known as the Las Vegas of the Orient, and play a fascinating game of poker that is full of twists.

Casino Raiders

Although it’s the oldest movie on the list, it’s one of the best Asian gambling movies. Also directed by Wong Jing and features stars Alan Tam, Andy Lau, Rosamund Kwan and Idy Chan. This film existed at a time when gambling movies dominated the Hong Kong movie scene.

A pair of renown gamblers Crab Chan and Sam Law are best friends. They are summoned by Lung, a business tycoon looking to crack a scheme led by a pair of Japanese gamblers. With a love story thrown in, and an intense revenge story, you shouldn’t pass this one up.