A Little Golf Journey on Nintendo Switch – The DVDfever Review

A Little Golf Journey A Little Golf Journey feels like a polished version of old golf games from years gone by. You just click on the ball to tee off, so don’t even have a ‘little man’ animation slicing the ball.

It’s listed as pleasnt golf game, and before I got well into it, I found that putting properly takes some getting used to. Once you begin to figure out how things work, it then becomes quite a lot of fun for a short time.

The first main problem is that it’s odd that you can’t always just progress from one hole to the next. You must collect a certain number of stars by set points on the map, which basically means repeating holes over and over, unless you can sink the ball in three shots or less, which is generally almost impossible for certain holes.

And while the tutorial doesn’t have points, it is annoying that even when you think you’ve made a successful shot, it just decides to tell you to try it again.

Overall, I tried as good as I could do, but even after three sets of courses, I’ve enjoyed it to a degree, but not enough to make me want to 100% it – or, try and go the extra mile in some cases. For example, the I’d scored 47 stars by the end of the third area, and the game wanted at least 55 stars to let me pass to the next, so like Gandalf, I shall not pass.

I felt I’d done pretty well, but this scoring business is just a royal pain. Just let me play the courses! I’m just not too fussed about going all-in to redo the holes over and over until I score maximum points.

For all the holes apart from one, in course 3, I’d scored one off the maximum, so where there were 3 stars, I got 2; where there were 4 stars, I got 3. However, for the first one, I got 2 out of 4 stars. I did go back and get a third star in the first hole, but I’m not about to ace this area to move on, and I don’t want to go back through holes on the previous two courses.

Now, there are some extra courses within each set of area, that I can see, but I’m damned if I know how to access them. Can someone explain, please?

A Little Golf Journey is out now on the Nintendo Switch eShop, but you can also buy the MP3 soundtrack album.

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A Little Golf Journey – Gameplay – Nintendo Switch (1080p 60fps) – DVDfeverGames

Important info:

  • Developer: Okidokico
  • Publisher: Playtonic Friends
  • Players: single-player