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A Man In Full A Man In Full opens with a voiceover from the lead, Charlie Croker (Jeff DanielsThe Martian), wondering if anyone will miss him when he’s gone, but while he’s alive, he’ll live with vigour, and “a man has gotta shake his balls“.

Unfortunately, this also features Shania Twain performing Man, I Feel Like A Woman – just at the same time as Caffe Nero are butchering it for their awful latest advert. And I didn’t like it in the first place… but thankfully, that element is fairly short-lived, as it’s part of a flashback as we go back 10 days to his 60th birthday party.

But life isn’t all sunshine rainbows, as he’s about to do battle with Harry Zale (Bill Camp), head of Real Estate Asset Management Dept, who first asks Charlie to describe the problem with the company… expecting Charlie to give the reason abot how he owes the bank a lot of money ($800m), accusing him of corporate mismanagement, leading him to exclaim howhe feels he’s unappreciated for building the bank up from nothing.

So far, I’ve seen the first two of the six episodes, which has introduced the main characters, including ‘colleague’ Raymond Peepgrass (Tom PelphreyOuter Range), who is trying to capitalize on Croker’s expected fall from grace – whilst also dealing with some serious fiduciary issues around child support; his ex-wife, Martha (Diane LaneThe Outsiders), with whom Charlie shares a son, and getting his lawyer, Roger (Aml Ameen), to assist one of his warehouse employees, Conrad (Jon Michael Hill), who’s had a major altercation with the police, while out and about, with his car getting towed, because the council are idiots.

Jeff Daniels is a powerhouse as know-it-all and smug Trump-like Charlie, but he’s more than matched with Bill Camp’s character, the latter having also been the best thing in the recent movie, Drive-Away Dolls.

I’m really looking forward to watching the rest, but with Charlie’s name, author Tom Wolfe must’ve loved The Italian Job!

Thanks to our friends at Netflix for the screener prior to release.

A Man In Full is not available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD, but is on Netflix from today.

A Man In Full – Official Trailer – Netflix

Detailed specs:

Running time: 40-50 minutes per episode (6 episodes)
Release date: May 2nd 2024
Studio: Netflix
Format: 2.00:1

Series Directors: Regina King, Thomas Schlamme
Producers: Ted Gidlow, Shana C Waterman
Screenplay: David E Kelley
Novel: Tom Wolfe
Music: Craig DeLeon

Charlie Croker: Jeff Daniels
Martha Croker: Diane Lane
Raymond Peepgrass: Tom Pelphrey
Roger White: Aml Ameen
Jill Hensley: Chanté Adams
Conrad Hensley: Jon Michael Hill
Serena Croker: Sarah Jones
Wes Jordan: William Jackson Harper
Joyce Newman: Lucy Liu
Harry Zale: Bill Camp
Henrietta White: Jerrika Hinton
Stroock: Christian Clemenson
Herb Richman: Josh Pais
Gerald: L Warren Young
Judge Taylor: Anthony Heald
Wally Croker: Evan Roe